Patricia Kennealy-Morrison, The Doors’ Jim Morrison’s Ex-Wife and Journalist, Dead at 75

by Matthew Wilson

Patricia Kennealy-Morrison of The Doors fame has died. Kennealy-Morrison was a journalist and writer and also ex-wife to The Doors frontman Jim Morrison. The writer passed away on July 23 at the age of 75-years-old.

Kennealy-Morrison’s Facebook page Queen Lizard Press confirmed the writer’s death. But they didn’t reveal a cause of death for her. Kennealy-Morrison started the page to share her own thoughts and musings and provide updates on her written works. But the social media page hasn’t regularly updated itself since 2016.

In the post, Kennealy-Morrison’s rep also revealed plans to take down the page permanently in the very near future.

They wrote: “To all of you who have supported our beloved Lizard Queen, I wanted to let you know that she passed this morning. Her family announced it on Patricia’s page. To say we are all reeling from the news is an understatement. We will miss our friend very very much. She was a beautiful soul, a talented writer, and a loving and wonderful friend. Please feel free to post your tributes and farewells here on this posting. We’ll leave the page up for another two weeks before taking it down permanently.”

Additional representatives have not revealed the cause of death either. Kennealy-Morrison’s death wasn’t made publicly aware until relatively recently.

Patricia Kennealy-Morrison and Jim Morrison

Patricia Kennealy-Morrison’s biggest ticket to fame was her place in the mythology surrounding The Doors. She first interviewed Jim Morrison back in 1969 for the Jazz & Pop magazine. But the two instantly drew a connection together. She wrote she remembered “a visible shower of bright blue sparks flying in all directions.”

After the interview, Kennealy-Morrison kept in contact with Jim Morrison. And they quickly grew a blossoming romance together as a result. Kennealy-Morrison only revealed their relationship after the fact to the public. According to the writer, she claimed Morrison and she participated in a Celtic wedding ritual and signed papers. But they never officially married in the eyes of the state. At the time, Morrison was also romantically linked to another woman.

That ritual was a bloodletting ceremony called a handfasting ceremony. Kennealy-Morrison described herself as a Celtic witch to many. “Author, ex-rock critic, Dame Templar, Celtic witch, ex-go-go dancer, Lizard Queen. Not in that order,” she wrote on Facebook.

Reportedly, Kennealy-Morrison and the singer had their fights. But their relationship came to a close with Morrison’s untimely death at 27-years-old. In the years since, Kennealy-Morrison wrote a memoir called “Strange Days: My Life With and Without Jim Morrison.”

She also appeared in a cameo in the biopic “The Doors” in 1991 and acted as a consultor as well. But she later disagreed with how she was portrayed in the film as a result.