Paul McCartney Releases New Solo Album ‘McCartney III’

by Katie Maloney

Just a few hours ago, Paul McCartney, co-lead vocalist and bassist of The Beatles, released his new solo album, McCartney III.

At 78 years old, McCartney is still one of the world’s most famous rockstars. And just like all rockstars, nothing can stop McCartney from creating music – not even a global pandemic. While not having a band to play with or anyone to write with, McCartney wrote, played, and produced McCartney III himself while quarantining at his daughter’s farm with his grandchildren. Does anyone else feel like their quarantine has been super unproductive now?

During an interview with Jimmy Fallon, McCartney says he didn’t know he was creating an album. “I just was in lockdown and I had some time on my hands. And so I started finishing up bits of songs and stuff, thinking ‘this is just for my own fun.’ Then, suddenly, I had like about 11 of them. And then it was like ‘oh, this would probably be an album,'” says McCartney. He says that the process of not knowing what he was creating made the album even better. “But the fact that I hadn’t even considered I was doing it, I think made it better. It made it more fun,” says McCartney.

Paul McCartney talks about his new album with Jimmy Fallon.

Paul McCartney’s Family Previewed The Album Daily

While creating the album, McCartney was quarantined with his oldest daughter, Mary, and her family. McCartney says that because of this living situation, his family got to preview each part of the album as he was creating it.

“We’d have a drink before dinner. And the kids were running around,” says McCartney. “One would ask, ‘What did you do in the studio today?’ And I would say ‘Ah!’ and pull out my phone, get the little boombox going and I’d play it to them,” continues McCartney. “So they got a preview of the album, a day at a time.” McCartney says that this process made creating the album more fun. “But it made it more fun, really, because it was like I was just making it for them,” he says.

The album is the third in the solo McCartney series. He released his debut solo album, McCartney, in 1970. He then released McCartney II in 1980, shortly before the dissolution of his band Wings in 1981. Almost four decades later, McCartney gifts fans with some much-needed music during chaotic times in the world. McCartney says, “Everyone’s kind of worrying about the future, and I thought ‘Okay, well we better grab the day and just enjoy it.’ So that made this a silver lining,” he says.