Paul Walker’s Daughter Posts Hospital Photo After Revealing Tumor for First Time

by Clayton Edwards

 Meadow Walker, daughter of Fast & the Furious star Paul Walker recently took to Instagram to reveal that she had a tumor. However, she’s firmly on the other side of it now and feeling great. Check out the post below.

Apparently, Meadow Walker kept her diagnosis under wraps. Most were surprised to hear this news. However, yesterday she posted a photo of herself in a hospital. In the caption, the 22-year-old daughter of the late Paul Walker says that she snapped the selfie two years ago and has “come a very long way,” since that day. Additionally, Meadow let her followers know that she’s currently tumor-free with a short and light-hearted statement, “bye bye tumor.”

Meadow Walker said in the caption that she is feeling “blessed & grateful,” after the experience.

A Closer Look at Paul Walker’s Daughter’s Post

In the photo, Paul Walker’s daughter is wearing a hospital hairnet while giving the camera a thumbs-up. Additionally, you can see that she has several stickers on her head. Those are called fiducials. Patients wear these before getting an MRI. They help to get a fuller image of the brain. Then, surgeons can use them as a guide while they operate. We don’t know if Meadow was prepping for a scan or surgery in the photo. But it appears she’s happy, healthy, and tumor-free today.

Meadow Walker tied the knot in October of this year. Paul Walker sadly wasn’t there to walk his daughter down the aisle. However, his former co-star Vin Diesel was there to do the honors. Diesel and his Fast character talk a lot about family. To, Diesel, Walker was family and that love extends to his daughter. In fact, he’s Meadow’s godfather. So, seeing him step up for such a big occasion shows that he means what he says, You don’t turn your back on family.

Meadow Walker isn’t turning her back on her father’s legacy. In fact, she is the president and founder of the Paul Walker Foundation. According to the PWF website, the Foundation is “dedicated to spontaneous acts of goodwill that empower young people and support the environment they live in.” They base that fundamental principle on Paul’s life. The site says he “Lived life full of heart and character. His acts of kindness were impactful beyond his years.” Meadow hopes to embody her father’s big heart with the foundation.

As a whole, the Paul Walker Foundation “hopes to leave people better educated and equipped to deal with the challenges of tomorrow.” Meadow knows all about tackling challenges. She was just a teenager when her father died. Now, she’s beat a brain tumor and is living a happy life. More importantly, she’s living a life with purpose and doing as much good as she can in the world. Between Meadow and her father, the Walker name will have a lasting legacy.