‘Pawn Stars’: How Does Rick Harrison Acquire Super Bowl Rings for Shop?

by Courtney Blackann

Rick Harrison and the team at “Pawn Stars” are known for acquiring some really strange things. They’re also known for collecting some amazing antiques and teaching us all a lesson in history. Part of the longevity of the show is because of these fun facts. And sometimes, Harrison says he purchases pieces of sports history as well. Including Super Bowl rings.

So how does the pawnbroker do it? It’s not like random people are walking around with access to the cherished championship rings.

In an interview with 8 News Now of Las Vegas, the “Pawn Stars” personality shared just how he does it.

“Well, no no no. It’s from when I was in the Super Bowl, and I won,” Harrison says jokingly. “No, I literally get them from the athletes.”

This means that at some point in time, champion athletes are willing to part with the prized possession in order to make some money. And we’re sure those kinds of items would be easier to sell, than say, a Pez collection from the 1950s.

But Harrison said the business is fun because it has something for everyone – and it’s a new opportunity to learn everyday. After three decades in the business, he has no plans for retiring yet.

“My producer calls it laugh-and-learn-TV,” Harrison says. “For years, everyone has joked around at my pawn shop: ‘If you bring that back to Rick, he’s going to give you a history lesson,’ but I really believe people prefer to watch a normal guy just talking to them to learn history — or just to learn anything, for that matter — instead of a professor talking down to them. When you were a kid, it was lot easier to learn from your dad than it was from your teacher, you know?”

“Pawn Stars” Personality Wants to Slow Down

Though Harrison has hustled in the pawn business for more than 30 years, he says he knows it’s time to slow down a bit. His work ethic is like none other, which has made both his business and “Pawn Stars” a huge success.

“I promised my wife that after two years I’m massively going to slow down,” he revealed at the time. “I can’t work 12 hours every day for too long before it burns out. So two more years and then I’m going to really slow down. The shop will still be around. The beautiful thing about my shop is that I get all my weird stuff.”

We hope the beloved History Channel star won’t be too absent, however. People from all over head to Las Vegas to get a chance to meet the level-headed pawnbroker. Along with his son and late father, the family has established themselves in the industry as one of the most successful pawn businesses. We hope that stays true for years to come.