‘Pawn Stars’: Rick Harrison Discovers Rare 1715 Spanish Gold That’s Worth a Fortune

by Jonathan Howard

With all the items and valuable pieces that come into the Pawn Stars shop, Rick Harrison and company are always buying and selling something. One customer brought in a piece of gold with a history as rich as its worth.

When a customer brings in a gold coin from Lima, Peru, then Harrison gets excited. Gold has been a currency and valued metal for thousands of years. This piece of gold has a particular story behind it. While the customer didn’t know where it came from, they quickly figured just where the coin originated.

Rick had a general idea of what the gold coin could be worth. Without a definitive answer on the authenticity, Harrison wasn’t going to make an offer. Of course, he brought in a guy he knows. Check out how things went down on Pawn Stars in the video below.

By the time the expert had examined the piece, he had a good idea of the origin and the value of the piece. The gold coin was well preserved and from a 1715 fleet wreck. Spanish coins are valued all over. While there are tons of fake coins out there, the expert made it clear that this was a genuine coin. Good news for the seller and for the Pawn Stars. That’s when the wheels start turning in Rick’s head.

The most important question is, how much is it worth? Well, the expert answered that question as well. It turns out this piece of gold is worth upwards of $18,000 to the right buyer. The Pawn Stars did not buy it at full price, but the customer made $11,000 cash.

‘Pawn Stars’ Rare Bust of Julius Caesar

One of the most well-known figures in all of history has to be Julius Caesar. Arguably the most famous emperor of the Roman Empire. Of course, over the years collectors and others have collected coins, art, and other pieces with his likeness on them. One customer brought a silver bust of Julius Caesar to the Pawn Stars.

At first, the seller was looking for $75,000. That is quite a heft price, however, for a bust made of 500 ounces of silver, it doesn’t sound too outrageous. This bust is just 1/99 pieces made. When the Pawn Stars expert got done evaluating the piece, he suggested that Corey pay $50,000 for the bust. In the end, the customer and Corey negotiated and agreed on $40,000.

That isn’t a bad payday if you ask me. My question is, where do people get these items? Perhaps one day a 500-ounce silver bust will fall in my lap as well. I know exactly who I’m taking it to, the Gold & Silver Pawn Shop.