‘Pawn Stars’: Rick Harrison Dropped Mind-Blowing Stat About Show’s Popularity

by Courtney Blackann

You know that famous Las Vegas sign every tourist takes a photo with when visiting Sin City? Well, Rick Harrison of “Pawn Stars” says that someday he’d like to have more visitors than that. Of the 42 million people that visit Las Vegas each year, many of them take photos with the iconic sign. However, Harrison says he sees his fair share of visitors as well.

In an interview with Las Vegas’ 8 News Now, the “Pawn Stars” frontman shared a surprising statistic.

“Yeah, I compete with the “Welcome To Las Vegas” sign for the number one non-gaming tourist attraction in Las Vegas. I get more visitors than the Hoover Dam,” Harrison said at the time.

The Hoover Dam receives about 7 million tourists a year, so this stat is pretty impressive. The Gold & Silver Pawn Shop is something Harrison is really proud of. He’s come to turn the pawn business into something really unique while giving pawnbrokers a decent reputation.

Additionally, Harrison has been in the business for more than 30 years, so he’s seen plenty of tourists in his lifetime. He also loves to share his knowledge and what he’s learned over the years with people who enter his store.

While Harrison often uses experts to help him gauge what an item is worth along with its authenticity, there have been numerous times he didn’t need the help.

“Pawn Stars” Rick Harrison Makes ‘Golden’ Deal

Such is the case when a man brought in what appeared to be a gold bar. The man explained that his grandmother had recently passed away and while cleaning out her home, he came across the gold and wanted to have it checked out to see if it was real. The man’s plan was to split the money with his family, if there was anything valuable in the gold bar.

Almost immediately, Harrison let the man know that he was holding about $24,000 in his hand.

“When you’ve been a pawnbroker as long as I have, you know real gold when you see it. And, judging by the weight of it, there’s a lot of it,” said during the season two episode.

Further, when the “Pawn Stars” personality noticed coral on the underside of the brick, he had a theory the golden bar may have come from a shipwreck and called in an expert.

After a maritime expert checked out the gold, he said the item most definitely came from one of two shipwrecks: either off the coast of Texas or in the north Caribbean Sea. This meant that the brick was now worth twice what Harrison thought. At $48,000, the man thought he’d walk away with the full amount.

However, Harrison being the great negotiator he is, was able to finagle the price down to $35,000. Both walked away from the deal completely ecstatic.