‘Pawn Stars’ Boss Rick Harrison Touchingly Responded to Young Fan’s Special Request

by Amy Myers

On Pawn Stars, Rick Harrison can be pretty stern. But once the cameras aren’t rolling, the pawnshop owner shows just how big of a heart he has. This was especially true when a young fan wrote to the star of the series with an offer he couldn’t refuse.

Between tough customers and questionable items, Harrison has to keep his emotions in check to avoid losing a big chunk of change. Even though he might not be warm and fuzzy in the shop, his personality is part of what keeps fans invested in the show. Well, that and Chum’s antics that often leave his boss with a headache. Still, the dynamic between the Pawn Stars crew is why the shop made it big on reality TV.

Like all of the Pawn Stars cast, Harrison values the fans of the show and happily demonstrates his appreciation for them whenever he can. So, when a young boy with autism wrote to the show, he wanted to show just how important his dedication to the series meant to him.

The young fan’s mother, who goes by the screenname MrsLeslie, posted about the experience on Reddit, commending the Pawn Stars team for their sincerity.

“Little J is a huge fan of the TV show, Pawn Stars and he talks about the show incessantly,” the mother wrote. “I encouraged him to write them a letter, which he did, and he offered to sell his Game Boy to them for $30. I added a cover letter, describing J and his autism, and although I told them that I didn’t expect them to actually buy his Gameboy, I did ask if they could at least reply.”

She continued, “They went above and beyond.”

Along with a responding letter, the Pawn Stars crew also attached a special offer.

‘Pawn Stars’ Crew Thanks Young Fan for Loyalty

Usually, the Pawn Stars shop owner can drive a hard bargain. But, of course, for this fan, he wanted to show his generosity. So, Harrison wrote back to “Little J” with an offer for his Game Boy.

“Enclosed is $30.00 for the cost of the Nintendo Game Boy,” Harrison said. “I’m donating the Game Boy back to you for being such a loyal viewer, so keep enjoying it and think of us when you play with it.”

The Pawn Star continued, “Chumlee [one of the pawn shop’s employees] says thank you, because he already has one and you were right, he does like it. You have a wonderful Mom who loves you very much. You are a lucky Boy. Always pay attention to what she tells you.”

It’s safe to say that the Pawn Stars have made a lifelong fan because of their touching letter.