Phil Robertson Speaks out on How Jesus Would Want Americans to Vote in 2020 Election

by Quentin Blount

Duck Dynasty star Phil Robertson is speaking out about the 2020 presidential election yet again. In an Instagram post on Monday, he tells his followers to vote according to “how Jesus would want Americans to vote.”

In the post, Robertson includes a picture of him wearing camo with his arms crossed. The caption in the picture urges his fans to vote for leaders who are aligned with “Jesus politics.”

“Vote for leaders who will promote religious liberty, protect our rights to practice Christianity in every public square, and live lives aligned with Jesus Politics,” the caption reads.

Phil Robertson Goes Into Detail About ‘Jesus Politics’

Further in the post, Robertson elaborated on this thoughts. He describes the type of politicians that align with “Jesus politics” and encourages his fans to vote for them.

“What would Jesus say if he addressed our country’s politics on the eve of the election?” he asks. “I believe he’d urge us to speak out and act on our faith. He’d encourage us to: Elect politicians who refuse to pass ordinances and laws requiring citizens of the kingdom to compromise their values; godly men and women who will pass laws that protect our religious liberties, our freedom to call sin what it is, and our freedom to invite your neighbors into the kingdom of God; those who will vet all judges and confirm only those who honor and uphold the godly heritage of our country.”

The Duck Dynasty star then goes on to give advice on what to do if “no godly men or women” are running in a given race.

“And what if no godly men or women are running in a given race?” he asks. “Well, then we vote for politicians who will protect our right to express our faith, regardless of their own behavior. We vote for men and women who might be works in progress from a biblical perspective but who won’t promote policies that shut us down. And then we move forward after the election by expanding the kingdom, doing good, and living out Jesus Politics in everything we do.”

Robertson Speaks Out on the People He Will ‘Never Vote For’

Robertson has been vocal in the past about the leaders he is willing to support. He’s been even more vocal about the ones he does not.

“Vote for leaders who will protect capitalism, the system that best allows people to direct their money,” said Robertson, He cautioned against voting for any Marxists and Marxism as well. Phil Robertson isn’t interested in speaking with or voting for either group.

Furthermore, he believes that Marxists are the “democrat party” who “don’t like” other groups of people. The Duck Dynasty star explained.

“Vote for leaders who seek to preserve gun rights,” said Robertson. “Lose the ability to protect yourself and you’re done. Love always protects, but if there are 30 people converging on your neighbor’s house and they’re all cursing, with torches and ways to set fire and they’re in your yard, I won’t let them do this.”

“We’re gonna save the planet,” they say. “Nonsense. God made it, and he said ‘I’m going to destroy it.’”