PHOTO: Arnold Schwarzenegger Sits with His Pet Donkey and Dog as He Wraps Up His 74th Birthday Plans

by Katie Maloney

Everyone knows that the donkey is a man’s best friend. Or maybe that’s just the case for Arnold Schwarzenegger. Donkeys are an important part of the former Governator’s pet family. In fact, he recently shared a photo of himself sitting with his pet donkey named Lulu and his dog. The two were “helping” him finish sending out his newsletter before he celebrates his 74th birthday.

Along with the photo Arnold wrote, “Getting some help finishing up my newsletter so I can send it out to celebrate my birthday tomorrow. Sign up at the link in my bio!”

How Did Arnold Schwarzenegger Get a Pet Donkey?

It’s unclear exactly how he found Lulu. But when you’re as famous as Arnold Schwarzenegger, we’re sure accessing domesticated livestock is easier than it seems. Regardless of Lulu’s origins, she has become an important part of the Schwarzenegger family. In fact, Lulu along with Arnold’s pet dogs and pet pony, appeared in many of his posts during quarantine last year. Arnold even talked about how his pet family helped him get through the quarantine.
“It’s so wonderful when you have animals around you, and they play with you, and they do funny things, and they roam around the house,” Arnold said during an interview in 2020. “I’m very fortunate that I can afford animals like that, or have the space for animals like that, or have the time now because of the coronavirus where I can stay home most of the time.”

The videos he’s shared of his pets on social media have garnered millions of views. Arnold said that he believes that the videos help bring lightheartedness to people during a time when life feels a little heavier.

“It’s so much fun to watch this, and see this energy. I think, in a way, it’s also therapeutic,” he said.

How Are Fans Reacting to Lulu?

There’s no doubt about it, fans love Arnold Schwarzenegger’s pet donkey. Arnold posted a video last year in celebration of lulu’s first birthday. The video featured him singing “Happy Birthday” to Lulu while feeding her treats. In the caption, he wrote, “We have a birthday today! Lulu turned 1. We celebrated by letting her fill herself up with goodies.”

And fans lost it. The video was everything fans never even knew they needed. One fan wrote, “I love this donkey.” Another user commented, “Omg soo cute. love donkeys. So sweet Arnold!”

One fan wrote that the video exemplified why so many people love Arnold Schwarzenegger. They wrote, “You know why I love you Arnold because you have a beautiful soul for animals. You’re my kind of people I love to be around. How is Lulu you’re Donkey and you’re Miniature pony. God bless you Arnold. Be safe.”