PHOTOS: ‘Shark Tank’ Star Kevin O’Leary’s Boat After Fatal, Multi-Boat Crash

by Megan Molseed

It’s a horrifying set of photos showing the damage created by a fatal August 24, 2019 boat crash. The fatal incident occurred when a boat being driven by the wife of “Shark Tank” star Kevin O’Leary collided with another vessel. Both boats were operating on Lake Joseph just north of Toronto, Canada at the time of impact.

The incident resulted in two fatalities. Both were passengers on the Super Air Nautique, the boat with which the vessel driven by the wife of the “Shark Tank” star collided.

The photos, which were recently obtained by TMZ show a haunting sight. The vessel, which had a dozen passengers on board at the time of the crash sustained multiple points of damage. The graphic photos clearly depict the damage that the Super Air Nautique, and its passengers, sustained as a result of the impact.

The nose of the boat is clearly wrecked. There are various locations that show large areas of cracking. As well as multiple points of chipped paint and dents on the exterior of the Super Air Nautique. The most haunting photo in the bunch, however, depicts an image of blood on one of the vessel’s seats among the damage. A devastating sight, for sure.

In fact, the outlet noted, the impact was so severe, that pieces of the boat driven by Linda O’Leary were found on the other vessel.

Fatal Crash Leaves a Lot of Questions

Two passengers on the Super Air Nautique lost their lives as a result of the crash involving the “Shark Tank” star and his wife. 64-year-old Gary Poltash was said to have died upon impact while 48-year-old Suzana Brito passed away later at the hospital.

It was reported earlier that Linda O’Leary had booze on her breath following the fatal incident. However, it has been her defense that the booze came from a vodka drink she had after the crash. But before authorities administered the alcohol screen testing.

‘Shark Tank’ Star ‘Mr. Wonderful’ Testifies

Kevin O’Leary is the famous “Shark Tank” star as “Mr. Wonderful.” O’Leary built his fortune as a well-known venture capitalist. He and his wife, Linda have long owned a 9,800 square-foot cottage chalet. The massive cottage is located along the lake on which the accident occurred. Linda serves as the Vice President of marketing for her husband’s private wine label, “Kevin O’Leary Fine Wines.”

The trial determining Linda O’Learly’s responsibility for the incident. As well as whether or not she was fit to be operating the vessel when the fatal crash occurred is now underway. Kevin O’Leary testified via Zoom call on his wife’s behalf on Wednesday morning. In his testimony, the “Shark Tank” star noted that the Super Air Nautical seemed to be invisible in the dark of the night. His testimony suggested that a lack of proper lighting on the vessel was what led to the deadly crash.