‘Pioneer Woman’ Ree Drummond Shows Off ‘Effervescent’ Red Hair During Trip To Salon

by Chris Haney

On Monday night, the “Pioneer Woman” Ree Drummond showed off the results of her recent trip to the salon to her almost four million Instagram followers.

The Food Network star shot to stardom years back as her personal blog about life on her family’s Oklahoma ranch gained traction. Through the blog, her readers got to know her family, the ongoings of the ranch, and learned many of her favorite recipes. As more and more fans tuned in to her blog, she focused her attention on authoring her own series of cookbooks. The Pioneer Woman’s seemingly endless empire took off from there and never looked back.

Additionally, her family even has a brick-and-mortar shop in nearby Pawhuska, Oklahoma called The Pioneer Woman Mercantile. Yet no matter how big the Oklahoman gets, she stays grounded and definitely seems more relatable than most celebrities. She often shares fun and silly posts that give insight into her daily life. Earlier tonight, Drummond revealed a playful edited clip showing the before and after of her recent salon trip. The famous chef explained that she’s always wanted to make a before and after video, and she can now cross that one off her list.

“I always wanted to do one of those ‘sad, pitiful before & effervescent, excited after’ videos! I really believe the sad, pitiful part is quite effective, what do you think? (Thank you Amber @omasalon for your command of red hair and for always being goofy and weird with me.) Okay, bye,” the Pioneer Woman wrote on Instagram.

‘Pioneer Woman’ Ree Drummond Explains Why She Connects with Viewers

Ree Drummond and her husband, Ladd Drummond, live on their working ranch right outside of Pawhuska, Oklahoma. The happy couple share four biological children together and live a very busy lifestyle between work on the ranch and her Pioneer Woman career.

These days, Drummond has one of the most popular cooking shows on the Food Network. However, even as fame quickly followed as she rose to stardom, she still prides herself on being relatable to most of her fans. She credits the fact that she’s an untrained chef, which Drummond thinks helps her stay connected to viewers.

“I’m not a trained chef, and so I have a level of accessibility,” she said in a 2019 CBS News interview. “I’m not going to show [viewers] anything that is beyond their skill. And also, I use a lot of ingredients that are pretty easy to get.”

The Pioneer Woman prefers recipes that aren’t too difficult to perfect and that are easy to remember. Some of her favorite recipes to cook are simple comfort food dishes. She revealed some of her favorite examples of that include sticky buns, macaroni and cheese, and her trademark chicken-fried steak.

“It’s really food that people want to eat, right?” asked CBS News correspondent Alina Cho.

“It is, and the answer to that question is usually either butter or crème!” Drummond laughed. “Why is this so good?