‘Pioneer Woman’ Ree Drummond Opens Up on Her ‘Kids Living Their Lives’ in New Photos

by Jonathan Howard

The Pioneer Woman Ree Drummond is usually sharing the latest news happening in her life on social media. That includes a recent post where the Food Network star talked about her “kids living their lives.’

Drummond is no stranger to sharing updates. From football games to family meals, and fun activities on the farm. Fans and viewers can keep up with all things Pioneer Woman on her Instagram. Her recent post shows a great set of photos with a small update on life out in Oklahoma.

“This is my life right now, I guess. Kids living their lives, dogs everywhere/chaos at my heels, and a rainbow in the distance. I embrace it,” the caption read.

The four photos all showed a beautiful landscape from the ranch. They also heavily featured the various dogs that Drummond loves so much. She is usually hanging out with the hounds while everything else is going on at the farm and elsewhere.

With views like that, it looks like life out in Oklahoma is pretty good. Nothing like a rainbow in the distance to remind you that everything is going to be okay. With her kids moving on and doing things away from home, it seems that the Pioneer Woman is feeling reflective.

‘Pioneer Woman’ Reuben Waffle Sandwich Looks So Good

While she takes great photos, the Pioneer Woman is first and foremost a cook. That means she has mouthwatering creations coming out all the time. Over on her favorite social media platform, Instagram, she shared a video on Reels.

First, she started with pumpernickel rye swirl bread and loads up both pieces with thousand island dressing. Then, she starts to build the sandwich. Starting with swiss cheese, she doesn’t build the sandwich very tall, but you can feel free to improvise on that. Next, she starts to add the pastrami. Finally, she tops with sauerkraut and more swiss cheese before she closes the sandwich.

The next thing you want to do is get your waffle iron out and heated up. Take that sandwich and put it in there until the cheese melts and the bread has been turned into two waffles. “Two words,” her post read, “Wafflewiches! Wait, that was one word. And it really isn’t a word. It’s a whole way of life!! Make them soon!!”

While things seem to be calming down on the ranch, the Pioneer Woman is staying busy with her usual activities. Those sandwiches looked absolutely delicious, and there is so much someone could do with this idea. Maybe you have a better sandwich that would work in the “wafflewich” mold.