‘Pioneer Woman’ Ree Drummond Pens Heartfelt Message to ‘Joy the Baker’ in New Snaps

by Leanne Stahulak

“Pioneer Woman” Ree Drummond just had a slew of visitors to the Drummond Ranch this week. Including baking phenomenon Joy “The Baker” Wilson.

Drummond shared a slideshow of photos from Joy’s visit this week on Instagram. We see Joy and Drummond relaxing on the deck together and posing for adorable pics in the house. The “Pioneer Woman” also posted cute pics of Joy with her partner, Will, and Drummond’s sister, Betsy.

Along with the pics, the “Pioneer Woman” also shared a sweet message about her time with Joy at the Drummond Ranch.

“Joy the Baker and I go way back (in food blogging years!) and the rare times we get to see each other are always concentrated and so special to me,” Drummond wrote in her caption. “We laugh and laugh, and I don’t know…she’s just a treasure to be around and I’m so glad we met so many years ago.”

Drummond continued, “My sister Betsy is here now too, so she got to join in our fun…and poor Will (Joy’s man ❤️) was outnumbered and we talked his ear off. And kinda grilled him a little 😊 but that’s what friends are for! Love you Joy!!”

The two foodie superstars also got a lot of love from other cooks and food bloggers. Adrianna Guevara Adarme, who runs the food blog “A Cozy Meal,” commented “beauties” on the “Pioneer Woman’s” post. Cookbook writer Erin Jeanne McDowell wrote, “A perfect pair!!!!!” And award-winning blogger Danielle Walker said, “Oh! I love that you got sweet time together!”

Joy the Baker certainly seemed to enjoy her time on the Drummond Ranch. She posted on her own Instagram stories that Drummond was making her feel “riiiiiight at home in Oklahoma.”

‘Pioneer Woman’ Ree Drummond to Star in Christmas Movie

In case you hadn’t heard, “Pioneer Woman” Ree Drummond just got tapped to star in Food Network’s first scripted, original film. “Candy Coated Christmas” will air in November on the Discvery+ streaming service.

Earlier this week, Drummond shared a behind-the-scenes look at filming, which is currently taking place in Utah. In the post, Drummond talks about her nerves and “tightly locked knees” that might just cause her to get a cortisone shot.

“I was nervous filming this movie because I am not an actor and being on a movie set in Utah was a whole different experience than filming a cooking show in my own kitchen,” Drummond wrote. “Fortunately, once a woman hits her fifties, the possibility of embarrassing herself really doesn’t keep her from doing anything in life. 😂 Anyway, here are some behind-the-scenes shots of my first (and probably last!!!) acting gig.”