‘Pioneer Woman’ Ree Drummond Wears an Unorthodox Type of Gloves ‘All the Time’

by Matthew Memrick

“Pioneer Woman” Ree Drummond’s glove preference may surprise some, but she wears the unorthodox glove “all the time.”

“We have a pair of deerskin gloves,” Drummond said to USA Today. “I think deerskin work gloves are the answer to everything. You can give them to someone who gardens or someone who works outside.” 

The versatility of deerskin has traveled with humans for years. Frontier people used the skin for everything from moccasins to glover and bookbinders. Deerskin was one of the most importantly traded items between European colonials and Native American tribes. 

Drummond loves the way they smell, too.

She even recommends them for snowball fights and grilling.

“And you can give them to someone who grills. They’re great for grilling,” Drummond said. “I wear them all the time, 24/7.”

Among the top-ranked gloves according to TheGearHunt.com, Northstar, MATSU, and Magid Deluxe are the best. Drummond has her favorite, however. She recommended a Bear Wallow Glove Company pair in 2010.

The Deerskin Qualities that ‘Pioneer Woman’ Drummond Likes

“Pioneer Woman” Ree Drummond and other deerskin glove fans easily like the flexibility of this particular glove.

Olympia Gloves does not hold back when it comes to how flexible the gloves are as well. Motorcyclists and riders use gloves because they do well in the elements and protect a person’s hands for a long time. Their elastic quality helps them fit better than cowhide and other kinds of leather. The form-fitting also helps keep cold air, moisture, and other natural elements out.

When it comes to abrasion resistance, the deerskin gloves don’t rip easily. They provide superior padding for motorcycle riders while guarding against road rash and other potential injuries.

Motorcycle wearers can benefit from a better grip and feel for throttle, clutch, or front brake. Wearing deerskin gloves also helps with finger movement. You may need to take off other gloves, unlike the deerskin ones. Or maybe you need to grab your wallet.

Maybe “Pioneer Woman” Ree Drummond needs these gloves in a pinch, but left them out in the rain?

Deerskin gloves dry fast if they’re out rain, and they stay tight and soft, unlike cowhide and other glove types. The deerskin gloves have a natural color and are bleached to keep a formidable look. Also, if you hand get sweaty, these gloves do not transfer stains to your hands as other dyed leather gloves do. They also don’t employ dyes.

Yourglovesource.com takes it a step further. They say deerskin gloves are very heat resistant and frequently used by heavy-duty industries like welding and construction. 

Want to clean your gloves? Apply lanolin to a soft cloth and apply it in an even coat. Then leave it to dry in a cool, indoor place away from sunlight and direct heat. The leather will darken temporarily but will return to its natural color as the leather dries.