Priscilla Presley Buys Impressive $4.8 Million Condo in California

by Keeli Parkey

Priscilla Presley may have downsized from a mansion to a condo, but she’s still going to be living in a luxurious California home.

According to an article on, the former wife of Elvis Presley sold the mansion in Beverly Hills where she had been living for $13 million during December 2020. The buyer was a woman from Mainland China via Anaheim, California.

For her new home, Priscilla Presley has reportedly purchased a penthouse in Le Parc. Located in the Century City section of Los Angeles, Le Parc is home to multimillion-dollar condos including Presley’s new home.

According to a Dirt article, she finalized the purchase of her new penthouse condo in December 2020. The new home reportedly cost the 75-year-old Presley $4.8 million. It includes three bedrooms and three-and-a-half bathrooms and is 3,242 square feet. The property has high-security measures in place, with gates and guards. The article includes photos of the property.

Presley’s New Condo Underwent Renovations

According to reports, the property that contains Presley’s condo was constructed in 1979. The condo has been renovated since it was built, making it a truly luxurious property. Responsible for those renovations was the firm KMNelson Design, LLC. You can see examples of their work here.

MSN reports that Presley’s condo includes white oak hardwood floors, a formal dining room, a less formal den, a stone fireplace, and a wet bar. The kitchen is all-white and has an open design. The article also says that Presley’s new home “now sports a sophisticated if distinctly feminine design motif, with gallons of pale pink paint and pink velvet couches, plus a soothing mix of blues, lavenders, and wallpaper.”

In addition to the $4.8 million she spent to buy the penthouse, Presley will also pay $2,951 each month to live there. This monthly fee gives her access to the pool, clubhouse, and tennis courts on the property. She also gets two parking spaces, according to

This tweet shows another Century City property available for sale. If you buy it, maybe you can hang out with your new neighbor, Priscilla Presley.

Priscilla Presley Having Online Estate Sale

As part of her plan to downsize from the mansion to the condo, Priscilla Presley will be holding an online estate sale from Feb. 18-21. According to an article on, she is planning to sell numerous items from her Beverly Hills mansion. Priscilla reportedly came to own many of these pieces by purchasing them from other estate sales. The article also reports that she is selling the items so others can find joy from them.

Munyon & Sons Estate Sale Services, the agency handling the estate sale, has changed the sale to online only. This change reportedly occurred because of the interest in the sale and the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Because of the amount of people who want to attend this sale and because of BH COVID 19 PROTOCOLS, this estate sale cannot be conducted as a ‘by appointment only’ sale where you come to the sale and directly purchase the items,” the company’s website states.