Priscilla Presley: Why Most People Forget She Has a Second Child

by Emily Morgan

While many know who Priscilla Presley is, many may not be aware that Priscilla also had another child besides Lisa Marie.

Priscilla and Elvis Presley were married for nearly six years, from 1967 until they divorced in 1973. While they were married, they welcomed their first child together, Lisa Marie.

Later on, Priscilla also gave birth to a baby boy several years after Lisa Marie.

After Elvis passed away in 1977, Priscilla started dating a film director named Marco Garibaldi. The pair met through a mutual friend in 1984.

Thye hit it off and were together for 22 years before splitting up in 2006.

Priscilla Presley Gives Birth to Baby Boy

While Priscilla and Marco never married, they did welcome a son into the world named Navarone Garibaldi. After he was born in 1987, 21-year-old Lisa Marie had given birth to her first daughter.

Many people aren’t aware of Navarone partly due to how far apart in age he and his half-sister are.

Since he’s known for keeping to himself, you would have to do some digging to find out the history. In addition, many of his mom’s public interviews about her life are focused on her relationship with Elvis.

She rarely mentioned Navarone because he was a part of a new chapter of her life after Elvis died.

Even though Navarone doesn’t carry the Presley name, he has the same love for music. Navarone, now 32-years-old, is the lead singer of a rock band, Them Guns.

One of the members has described the band’s sound as “a rock base, a tinge of surf/ska vocals, and funked-out keys, a sound to satisfy the traditional, to alternative, to psychedelic rock music enthusiasts… birthed from the barrels of Them Guns.”

Throughout the years, his mom has been incredibly supportive of Navarone’s musical dreams and often shares photos of herself and him.