Reba McEntire’s Sitcom ‘Reba’: Where is the Cast Now?

by Madison Miller

Reba McEntire is a pretty popular name in the country music world. Now that we have the understatement of the century out of the way, lets talk about her place in the acting world.

She has been releasing music since the ’70s. However, she also got into acting in the ’90s. she started out in “Tremors” in 1990. She was also in “Annie Get Your Gun” in 2001. She is most known for starring in her own sitcom from 2001 to 2007 called “Reba.”

Today, Reba McEntire is celebrating her 66th birthday. In honor of her birthday, here’s a look back at other cast members of the sitcom that helped make “Reba” a household name.

The sitcom follows a single mother and her three children. It also includes her ex-husband and his brand new wife.

JoAnna Garcia Swisher

According to US Magazine, the cast remains incredibly close. JoAnna Garcia Swisher said in 2019 that her TV daughters consider Reba McEntire family.

“She spoils quite a bit. She doesn’t babysit because when I see her, I want to be with her.”

The group has also gone on vacation with each other in the past. Everyone has really remained exceptionally close. So much so that there was talk about a revival of the show in the past.

Since being in “Reba” Swisher has also starred in or had small roles in shows like “Sweet Magnolias,” “Gossip Girl,” “Once Upon a Time,” “The Astronaut Wives Club,” and “Privileged.” She continues to be very popular on television.

She has been married to baseball player Nick Swisher since 2010. McEntire and Melissa Peterman were actually bridesmaids in the wedding. She has two daughters, one born in 2013 and the other born in 2016.

Melissa Peterman

Melissa Peterman plays Barbra Jean Hart, a dental hygienist who had an affair with Brock.

Besides remaining close to Reba McEntire, Swisher, and other castmates, Peterman has continued her acting career since starring in “Reba.”

She is known for her roles on “Baby Daddy,” “Working Class,” “Pretty the Series,” “Young Sheldon,” and “Last Man Standing.”

Peterman is married to John Brady and has a son named Riley. She also works with The Unusual Suspects Theatre Company, which is a non-profit that helps at-risk youth in the Los Angeles area.

She was also the co-host of a podcast alongside Reba called, “Living & Learning with Reba McEntire.”

Steve Howey

On the sitcom, Steve Howey played Van Montgomery, the boyfriend of Cheyenne Montgomery, JoAnna Garcia Swisher’s character.

He now has a very popular role in the Showtime drama series “Shameless” where he plays Kevin Ball.

Howey has also appeared in “Supercross, DOA: Dead or Alive,” “Bride Wars,” “Game Over,” and “Something Borrowed.” He also guest-starred in the popular sitcom “New Girl” in 2013.

He married actress and model Sarah Shahi in 2009. The two have three kids together. They filed for divorce in May 2020.

Christopher Rich

In the sitcom, Christopher Rich played the cheating ex-husband of Reba Hart. Since his role in this sitcom, he has appeared in a number of other television roles over the years. That includes “Melissa & Joey,” “Boston Legal,” “Desperate Housewives,” “CSI: Crime Scene Investigation,” and “Rizzo & Isles.”

He is married to Eva Halina Rich as of 2003 and has twins, Lily and Daisy. He has one other daughter with his ex-wife as well.

Other Cast Members Now

Scarlett Pomers, who played an intelligent yet rebellious teen on the show, is no longer acting. While she was on the show she sought out treatment for her eating disorder. After “Reba” was over she pursued her passion for photography instead.

The youngest of the family on the show was Jake Hart. Mitch Holleman was just a young kid when he portrayed innocent Jake on the sitcom. Since then, he has had small roles in “Everybody Loves Raymond,” “The Animal,” “Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid,” “Bubble Boy,” and “Shake It Up.”

He also has his own podcast called “Extremely Internet.” Alongside Kyle Anderson and Gracie Todd, he talks about weird internet stories. Holleman got married to Emma Elizabeth Holleman in May 2020.