‘Road House’ Reboot Gaining Traction With Hollywood A-Lister Potentially Playing Dalton

by Megan Molseed

A potential reboot of the smash-hit Patrick Swayze film Road House may be a few steps closer to fruition. It has been reported that a Hollywood A-lister has now signed onto the project.

It looks as if the famous Double Deuce may be reopening soon as a Road House remake may be underway, especially now that Hollywood star, Jake Gyllenhaal, has joined talks to sign on to the project.

Reports of this reboot film have been swirling for some time now.

However, whether this will be a straight remake of the 1989 Patrick Swayze hit, or a modern take based on the original story is still unknown.

It’s also unknown what role Jake Gyllenhaal would be playing in the reboot.

Will the star take on the role of Dalton, which Patrick Swayze made famous in 1989? Or will Gyllenhaal instead portray another one of Road House’s many intriguing characters?

Maybe, Gyllenhaal’s role would be an entirely new one introduced to the Road House world.

‘Road House’ Reboot Still In Planning Stages

News of this upcoming reboot comes before any date has been set.

In fact, it may be a while before the film begins shooting. Gyllenhaal is currently gearing up to shoot Guy Ritchie’s latest flick, The Interpreter.

The award-winning actor is also currently starring in a Netflix thriller titled The Guilty.

Road House became an instant hit after its 1989 release. The film has since become one of Patrick Swayze’s most iconic roles.

Patrick Swayze stepped onto the big screen in 1989 portraying Dalton, a bouncer a hired bouncer tasked with cleaning up a Missouri bar called the Double Duece. Known for its loud and rowdy clientele, Dalton’s job is to keep everyone in line.

Swayze’s character arrives at the establishment to address these issues, and make the bar a safer place for its customers.

However, Dalton soon finds himself put to the test as he must go toe-to-toe with a corrupt businessman intent on taking over the town, however necessary.

The role of Road House’s Dalton was a big step for Swayze.

Just prior to taking on this role, Patrick Swayze had become a household name when he danced his way into our hearts as the charming bad boy Johnny Castle in the wildly popular dance flick Dirty Dancing.

While the role of Johnny Castle was certainly Swayze’s breakout performance, he was eager to move past it into more series roles. Hoping to break away from the image he’d established as Dirty Dancing’s smooth-talking dancer the actor turned down a $7 million dollar offer to star in Dirty Dancing 2.