Robert De Niro Praises Joe Biden, Says He is ‘Confounded’ By Donald Trump Voters

by Atlanta Northcutt

There are many quotes from award-winning actor Robert De Niro that could be used to describe his feelings towards Donald Trump and his supporters.

When it comes to any negative remarks received by Robert De Niro from Trump’s army, De Niro will probably respond: “You talkin’ to me?”

Robert De Niro vs. Donald Trump

De Niro tweeted a comical spoof of Trump being rolled out of the White House. The former president has not yet conceded following his loss of the election to Joe Biden on Nov. 3. If Trump continues through Biden’s expected inauguration, it will be the first time in history an American president has done so.

The election and political parties are causing a separation between Americans. Therefore, it’s expected for Trump supporters to fire back against the multi-award winner’s blatant name-calling of Donald Trump and his supporters.

One response to the Twitter video says, “JOE BIDEN IS NOT MY PRESIDENT.”

De Niro receives both positive and negative responses as he continuously posts anti-Trump messages on social media.

Feelings on Trump and Supporters During Interview

According to Fox News, De Niro spoke out about the 2020 presidential election to both praise Joe Biden and lament the 71-plus million people who voted for Donald Trump. 

The 77-year-old actor has vocally criticized the president ever since Trump got elected. During an appearance on MSNBC’s “The Beat” Monday, De Niro unpacked the 2020 race with host Ari Melber. 

De Niro went on an extraordinary rant stating he sees authoritarian behavior from Trump. He went as far as likening him to “wannabe dictators” throughout history before praising President-Elect Joe Biden.

Pro Joe

During the interview, De Niro added: ”Thank God we’re out of this. We’re going to be in other things, but thank God with Biden… he’s going to bring us into calm waters.”

De Niro says it “confounds me how he got to be elected but he did, crazy things happen. But that’s what we need in a leader, in any leader, and that’s what we’re going to get with Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. She’s tough, she’s tougher, she’ll do the things that maybe he wouldn’t do or can’t do, but I’m hoping she will do them.”

One Last Hit

Before ending the interview with host Ari Melber, De Niro took this time to reiterate his views on pro-Trumpers.

“I’m not, like, political, but I was so angry and so enraged and confounded that he would actually behave the way he did and that people bought it,” De Niro said in closing. “Now I see many, many, many people in the country feel this way. I’m sad about other people who don’t. They’ve accepted him and would have voted for him and have voted for him. I don’t know why. That’s all that it was from the very beginning. Just how could this guy behave this way? That’s all.”