Robert Irwin Poses With Bindi’s Daughter Grace Warrior in Sweet Pic After ‘Big Day Catching Crocs’

by John Jamison

Babies and crocodiles generally don’t mix. But they do when the baby is an Irwin. In fact, one could argue that the best place for Grace Warrior Irwin Powell to be is with her uncle on a crocodile research expedition. Grace’s adorable smile pretty much makes the case on its own.

New uncle Robert Irwin posted a photo to Instagram that finds his 4-month old niece sitting in his lap. She couldn’t look happier. And Robert himself is flashing the smile of a proud and loving uncle.

Bindi Irwin, who had Grace in March with her husband Chandler Powell, commented on the post. She was delighted to see her 17-year old brother and baby daughter getting along so well.

Robert, who’s quickly becoming a “fun” uncle to Grace, stars with the rest of his family on Animal Planet’s “Crikey! It’s the Irwins.” Still a teenager, he’s already doing his late dad proud as a fearless adventurer and wildlife educator.

Despite his absolutely terrifying proximity to what can only be described as a real-life dinosaur in the picture above, one of Robert Irwin’s biggest adventures yet has been his life as an uncle.

Robert Irwin’s New Title of Uncle to Grace Warrior Irwin Powell

In a June interview with Entertainment Tonight, he talked about how much he loves spending time with his niece. And how he’s helping to bring her up in true Irwin fashion.

“She’s at that age now where she’s really reacting to things, you know, when she sees a new animal. We met a koala for the first time the other day and her little face, she was all kinds of sleepy, and she saw that koala and her face just lit up,” Robert said. “The biggest smile, and it was amazing. I can already tell she is a wildlife warrior. And I cannot wait to just introduce her to everything zoo life.”

It’s not an understatement to say that much of America would’ve loved to have the late, great Steve Irwin— “The Crocodile Hunter” and all-around wildlife superstar—as their uncle. Well, Robert Irwin is following in his dad’s footsteps, literally. Based on the Instagram post, he’s already brought his niece to the crocodiles. But he’s also trying to be a more traditional fun uncle to Grace.

“I’m already trying to teach her how to play the guitar,” Robert Irwin said in his interview with Entertainment Tonight. “It’s one of my passions, so she’ll always go to sleep when I play the guitar. She loves it. I’m trying to be the fun Uncle Robert!”