Rolling Stones Cover The Temptations ‘Ain’t Too Proud to Beg’ for the First Time in 14 Years

by Jonathan Howard

On this tour, the Rolling Stones are doing their best to put on an amazing set of shows. They just played a song for the first time in 14 years! Mick Jagger and company are giving audiences great performances all across the country.

One of the hits off of the Stones 1974 album, It’s Only Rock ‘N’ Roll, featured a song by The Temptations. It was a cover of Ain’t Too Proud to Beg. Jagger is always one to sing a love song like this. When the band started playing the song, it was a big hit. They had adapted it to rock and it worked. However, they hadn’t performed that song in well over a decade. That is until recently.

The Rolling Stones came to Detroit and there was one goal in mind for Mick Jagger. He got on stage and said, “You can’t come to Detriot and not do a Motown number.” The singer has good instincts because the band rocked the stage with the number. As much as the band is music history, they sure know how to pay tribute to the history of the industry.

While they have continued the tour without their late drummer Charlie Watts, they haven’t missed much of a beat. The group is rocking stages and enjoying what each city has to offer. Jagger has made a habit of going undercover on their tour stops. He tries to see if he can go to a local bar unnoticed or go out on the town without being seen. It has produced some great moments on social media.

This was quite a show for the Rolling Stones. They performed a number of fan favorites and the setlist looks like all anyone could ask from the band at this point in their careers.

Rolling Stones Singer Enjoys Dallas Before Show

Earlier this month, Mick Jagger took a tour of Dallas, Texas. The Rolling Stones were scheduled to play at the Cotton Bowl and he took some time to sightsee. He has made a habit of this recently. It is wild to think that at one time he couldn’t go anywhere without being noticed and swarmed by people. Now, some folks might not believe who he was if he told them to their face! Fame is fickle I guess.

However, that doesn’t seem to bother the singer. It must be a nice change of pace. Now, he can go to Nashville and have a drink at the bar or do other fun things on the town. When he shares the moments on social media it looks like he is having a fantastic time.

The Rolling Stones continue their No Filter Tour. They have put together a great tour so far and future dates should be just as good.