Ron Howard Drops New Details About His Memoir, Unboxes First Copy: VIDEO

by Taylor Cunningham

In a new memoir, Clint and Ron Howard, who found fame on The Andy Griffith Show and Star Trek, tell readers about growing up in Hollywood. And in a new Twitter post, Ron unboxes the very first copy of the book titled The Boys.

Ron Howard got an early taste for showbiz when he played the part of Opie Taylor in The Andy Griffith Show. And now, at 67, he is an accomplished director with two Oscars under his belt. He won both of the awards for his movie A Beautiful Mind. 62-year-old Clint is a versatile actor who has played in TV series such as Star Trek and Seinfeld and blockbuster flicks like Austin Powers and Apollo 13.

And the two credit their 1950s and 60s childhood stardom for their lasting careers.

The Boys, which will be released this Tuesday (October 12th), holds stories from both of the Howard brothers. Ron and Clint will share their backstory and explain how they made it through adolescence without suffering from the all too common “child star” syndrome.

During an interview with the LA Times, Ron said that many people have asked him how he survived growing up in Hollywood. But the idea for his memoir came after his father died in 2017.

“When our father passed away, he was the second of our parents to pass,” he remembered. “We had that experience of suddenly being grown men who were orphans. Preparing the memorial for Dad entailed a lot of looking back, which is not something I think either Clint or I particularly do a lot of.”

Ron Howard Unboxes His New Book

Today, Ron Howard found the first copy of The Boys waiting on his porch. And he recorded the moment he unboxed the hardcovered edition.

“Thought I’d share this fun unboxing moment on video,” he captioned. “I see I’m not the smoothest pitch man but check it out.”

“This is kind of a thrill,” he said as he tore through the cardboard. “Oh man, look at that,” he said with a proud smile.

In the video, Ron Howard tells his followers that his book is a family story. And the name is “a tribute” to his mother, who always called Ron, Clint, and their father “The boys.”

Ron Howard explains that his new memoir answers the question he and Clint have been asked all of their lives. That question is, “what was it like to grow up in the business?”