Ron Howard: Meet the Hollywood Icon’s 4 Kids

by Matthew Wilson

Director Ron Howard is a family man. And some of his children are a chip off the old block, following Howard into the entertainment industry.

In 1975, Howard married writer Cheryl Alley, who also later appeared in some of his famous films. The couple has been happily married ever since. Together, they had four children, who also each went on to find success in their own right. Before he became a director, Howard started his career as a child star on “The Andy Griffith Show.” He later went on to star in “Happy Days” before transitioning to behind the camera.

Well, Howard passed along a bit of that acting bug.

Ron Howard’s Four Children

Arguably, the most famous of Howard’s four children is Bryce Dallas Howard. She’s also the oldest as well, born on March 2, 1981. As an adult, Bryce followed in her father’s footsteps and became an actress. Initially, she wowed audiences with “The Village” and “Spider-Man 3” in the early 2000s. While neither film was critical darlings, many hardly considered that to be Bryce’s fault, and her fame grew.

She starred in more critically-successful films like “The Help” and also headlined the recent “Jurassic World” franchise as well. Bryce hasn’t been afraid to get behind the camera either, most recently directing episodes of the hit TV series “The Mandalorian.”

Ron Howard had twin daughters: Paige and Jocelyn Howard on Feb. 5, 1985. Paige has also become an actor like her father and older sister. In 2009, Paige made her big-screen debut in “Adventureland” and has also appeared in TV shows like “Medium” and “90210” as well. She’s award-winning, taking home Best Supporting Actress at the Los Angeles Movie Awards. The actor has normally stuck to a smaller budget affair and indie darlings.

Meanwhile, her twin sister Jocelyn has tried to avoid the spotlight. Not much is known about Jocelyn except she enjoys her privacy among a very public family.

Rounding out the bunch is Reed Howard. Reed was born on April 12, 1987. He’s appeared with his siblings in his father’s show “Arrested Development” during the fifth season. Like Jocelyn, he also hasn’t acted much. But Reed found his passion in pro golfing, a sport that he continues to pursue.

Along with his wife Cheryl, Ron Howard has a large family. And with the kids all grown, they’ve gone off to make careers and families of their own.