Russell Dickerson Is ‘Blessing Your Timeline’ With an Adorable Video of His Son

by Atlanta Northcutt

Merry early Christmas! Proud papa Russell Dickerson shared a video of his 3-month-old son Remington Edward, describing the post as “blessing your timeline” with the sweet video of his baby boy.

Russell and his wife, Kailey, will be celebrating their first Christmas with a new addition to the family, making the spirit of the holidays even more joyful.

“Just Blessing Your Timeline…”

Although Remington won’t be able to open his presents, or even know what the presents are, other than shiny paper, seeing the joy in his eyes is the biggest gift for Russell and Kailey Dickerson. The excitement in his eyes and laughter showing off his chubby cheeks is the best present the couple could ever receive.

The sweet, round-faced, and happy baby is nothing but smiles in Dad’s Tik-Tok video. Dickerson’s song “Home Sweet” plays in the background of the slow-motion video as his son can’t stop giggling.

Remington Edward’s is looking bright-eyed while bundled up in his car seat as his dad tickles his cheeks. He seems to be the happiest little one.

Russell Dickerson is the Proud Papa of Remington Edward

Russell, 33, and Kailey, 31, welcomed their son into the world on Sept. 10. He was a very early Christmas present, blessing the two joyful, thankful parents with their first child.

The couple recently found a new Nashville-area home last year, and Kailey was most excited about the tall ceilings.

“I can have a huge Christmas tree in here,” she told her country star husband while visiting the five-story home. “Let’s buy this house!”

Russell did well because his wife is very happy with their purchase. “Happy wife. Happy life,” as they say.

A New Home and a New Baby for the Dickerson’s

Her dream came true with a 10-foot tree being placed in the living room, making the Dickerson family’s first Christmas complete. However, Remington Edward seals the deal for the couple, turning a house into a home.

The couple have hosted immediate family for Thanksgiving.

On Christmas Eve, there will be family members will be singing carols around the baby grand piano given to the couple by Russell’s grandmother. Remington Edward will get to be surrounded by his mom, dad, and close relatives. He’ll undoubtedly be a bit spoiled this Christmas.

“Those are the moments that we envisioned making when we bought this house,” says Russell, “I can’t believe we’re already making those memories.”