‘Rust’ Worker Reportedly Bitten by Poisonous Spider On-Set, May Lose Arm

by Jonathan Howard

Bad news keeps rolling in from the set of Rust. After the tragic shooting that killed one and injured another, a worker could lose an arm. Due to multiple bites from a poisonous spider on-set, the worker is not doing well.

While the set was being closed down after the accidental shooting, lamp operator and pipe rigger Jason Miller was bitten by a brown recluse. Already, the worker is suffering from necrosis and sepsis due to the bite. There is work being done to make sure that his arm is saved. However, there is no telling what could happen. A brown recluse bite can advance quickly.

On JustGiving there is a fundraiser page set up for Miller. The page says, “He has been hospitalized and endured multiple surgeries each day as doctors do their best to stop the infection and try to save his arm from amputation.” The page also says, “under worse circumstances, he loses his arm.”

When the news broke about Alec Baldwin accidentally shooting and killing Halyna Hutchins it shocked social media. Joel Souza, the Rust director, was also shot and injured. Now with this news of Miller’s health, it just adds on to what now looks like a cursed set.

Of course, these incidents are not happening in a vacuum. In the film industry, crew members and behind-the-scenes workers have been vying for a better union deal. IATSE is currently waiting to vote on their new contract. However, union members, could still reject it and go back on strike. The workers’ demands include better on-set working conditions, pay, and overall better treatment.

The incidents on the set of Rust are unfortunate. The news of Miller’s injury follows reports of, “alarmingly green, immature and lackadaisical,” crew members working with the weapons on-set.

Halyna Hutchins’ Husband Hires Law Firm After ‘Rust’ Shooting

Since his wife Halyna Hutchins was killed on the set of Rust, her husband has reached out for legal advice. Matthew Hutchins has hired L.A.-based firm Panish Shea Boyle Ravipudi. If there is a wrongful death lawsuit filed, it will be led by partner Brian Panish.

The cinematographer was shot on-set after Alec Baldwin used a gun that he believed was not “hot.” Basically, he believed the gun to be safe. However, it was anything but. Now, Hutchins has lost her life and the set has been shut down. Matthew and Halyna are parents to 9-year-old Andros. Matthew himself is an attorney in LA.

It appears that the Rust incident is far from over. There is a Sheriff’s Office investigation into how a real bullet ended up in the gun. According to the film’s armorer, “she fought for training, days to maintain weapons, and proper training for gunfire.” However, she claims that the production officials as well as her department overruled her. Now, attorneys will be looking into the matter.