Ryan Reynolds Fulfills His Dreams of Appearing on ‘Antique Road Show’

by Megan Molseed

When you are in possession of a priceless Egyptian egg that once belonged to Cleopatra, what do you do? Well, for Red Notice’s career criminal art thief, Nolan Booth (Ryan Reynolds) you get some information about said egg on the hit television series Antiques Road Show.

This weekend, the long-anticipated Netflix film Red Notice finally premiered.

Starring Ryan Reynolds, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, and Wonder Woman’s Gal Gadot, the new film quickly became a fan-favorite.

And, as stars often do when a premiere is on its way, the Red Notice players spent time promoting the film.

However, few promotions are as awesome as Ryan Reynolds’s appearance as his Red Notice character Nolan Booth on the long-running PBS series, Antiques Road Show.

And, thankfully, Reynolds was kind enough to share the clip with his Twitter followers in a Monday afternoon Twitter post.

“I was on #AntiquesRoadShow,” Ryan Reynolds said in a November 15 Twitter post.

The post features a clip of Reynolds discussing a valuable object his character had been hunting down in Red Notice.

“I haven’t been this star struck since I got into an elevator with Johnny Cash back in ‘99,” the star continues.

The clip is absolutely hilarious. Something in true Ryan Reynolds style as he meets with one of the Antiques Road Show experts Lark Mason.

‘Red Notice’s’ Incredible ‘Roadshow’ Crossover

“What can you tell me about this?” Mason asks Reynolds’s Nolan Booth as the clip begins.

“Yes, it’s an egg,” the guest responds as the priceless object of the Red Notice plot sits on the table.

Of course, as the Antique Road Show hosts often do on the show, Lark Mason asks his guest about the “family history” behind the object.

But, those who have seen the film know that Reynolds’s Nolan Booth doesn’t have any family history with this egg. It was something he had only recently acquired, through various heists.

“Well, no, this is not a family heirloom,” Booth tells Mason with a slight chuckle.

Then, in perfect Ryan Reynolds style, his Nolan Booth character begins a decidedly uncomfortable moment as he overshares some personal information.

“My family disowned me years ago,” Booth continues. “They don’t like me.”

He goes on to say that this valuable egg is “more of an heirloom” that his “good friend” and the museum had lent him. But, he’s “not aware” that he lent it to the priceless art “collector.”

Of course, this makes Lark’s job predicting the value of the object a little complicated.

‘Antiques Road Show’ Object Has A Complicated History

But, the Antiques Road Show expert says, if there are no issues surrounding the egg it could go for about $100 million.

Of course, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s Red Notice character John Hartley gets a hilarious shout-out in the clip as well.

Lark Mason describes a “muscular, handsome, talented, man,” that rescued the egg from the spot in which it was hidden for nearly a century. Nolan Booth isn’t interested in hearing any of this, though, and he starts to fall asleep at the table.

Fans who have seen the popular Netflix film will certainly enjoy this hilarious video. And, anyone who hasn’t seen Red Notice yet will certainly enjoy this clip as a teaser for the equally hilarious film.