Ryan Seacrest’s Spot on ‘Live with Kelly and Ryan’ Filled by Anderson Cooper on Third-Straight Absence

by Atlanta Northcutt

Is the third time a charm, or is it three strikes and you’re out? People are questioning where Ryan Seacrest’s been hiding after he missed a third episode of Live with Kelly and Ryan.

The star of all celebrity gossip and news, red carpet interviewer, and host of TV programs, such as American Idol, Ryan Seacrest has become the King of the Hollywood Beat. With all of the projects he has going on at this time, it appears he is struggling to keep all of his balls in the air.

Ryan Seacrest’s Replacements: Cohen and Cooper

This third strike comes after Seacrest missed Monday and Tuesday’s episodes, as well. Bravo’s Andy Cohen was more than happy to fill in for Ryan on Monday and Tuesday. However, Anderson Cooper, the CNN news anchor covered Seacrest’s spot on the show on Wednesday’s episode.

A hilarious Instagram video was shared from the morning show’s official Instagram account. The video shows Ripa and Cooper walking to the stage surrounded by members of the production crew wearing masks and following COVID-19 safety guidelines.

Anderson Cooper and Kelly Rippa Entertains the Audience

Cooper is introduced to one of the crew members, as Kelly cleverly says, “That’s Anderson Cooper; national treasure, American hero.”

Fans weren’t let down by watching Anderson Cooper join Kelly on the show, as they quickly took to social media to share their feelings on seeing Cooper joke around with Kelly.

The Hunt for Ryan Seacrest’s Location?

On December 14, Ryan posted a photo, which is obviously in waiting in a room on set. He captions the tweet with “Working hard or hardly working?”

The Twitter post leads viewers and fans to wonder what he has up his sleeve when it comes to his long-time TV hosting and entertainment gigs. However, it is believed he has likely been filming American Idol. This would explain why Seacrest would miss the tapings of Live with Kelly and Ryan.