Sadie Robertson Celebrates ’20 Weeks Down, 20 to Go’ in Pregnancy of First Child

by Katie Maloney

Sadie Robertson is well on her way to welcoming her first child to this world. She recently shared a photo on Instagram of herself at 20 weeks pregnant.

Along with the photo, Robertson writes, “20 weeks down 20 to go 🤍 I loveeee this little girl so so much already and I also love being pregnant in the days of sweatsuits 👏”

The couple announced the pregnancy in October. With over one million likes on the post, it’s safe to say that fans were overjoyed about the new addition to the Robertson clan. Along with a photo of her and her husband, Christian Huff, holding ultrasound photos, Robertson writes, “SCREAMING WITH EXCITEMENT TO SHARE THIS NEWS! Baby, we already adore you.”

A few weeks later, the couple announced the sex of their baby with a photo filled with pink glitter.

Sadie Robertson Talks About Discovering She’s Pregnant

During an episode on Robertson’s WHOA That’s Good Podcast, the couple talks about how they found out about the pregnancy. Robertson says that the couple had just attended a friend’s gender-reveal party “…and everybody was like, ‘You’re next, you’re next!’ And I was like, ‘I don’t really know if it’s our timing right now,'” says Robertson. She continues, “And after the party, we were like, ‘Let’s just wait a while.'”

However their plans to “wait a while,” were foiled when Robertson found herself ravenously hungry the next morning. Robertson says that she spent the day eating a burger, fries, a cookie and a half, quesadillas and ice cream, but “could not get full all day.” Robertson says that after having a vivid dream of being pregnant (with a son) she decided to take a pregnancy test. “I was like, ‘You know what? Why don’t I just take a pregnancy test? Why not? Just for funsies,'” she says.

When she looked at the test and saw the plus sign Robertson says she was overjoyed. “I was freaking out — literally was laughing with tears running down my face. I was just overjoyed and I was just thanking God because Christian and I have said since we got married, we kinda left it in God’s hands.” Robertson continues, “…And so it was just such a miraculous feeling to know that I had a child inside of me.”

Sadie Robertson talks with husband about pregnancy.