Sadie Robertson Huff Asks Fans if They See ‘Improvement’ in New Dancing Video with Husband Christian

by Taylor Cunningham

Sadie Robertson Huff just posted a new installment of her adorable Dancing with the Stars spinoff this afternoon. The show is titled Dancing with the Parents and it airs on Instagram.

Okay. It’s not a real spinoff. But it looks like the Duck Dynasty alum may be turning it into a “thing.” She started posting the cute videos a few weeks back. And her previous episode showcased the new Neon Moon trend, which is an Outsider obsession. So we hope she keeps the videos coming because we love watching her dance with her husband Christian.

In the video, Sadie Roberston Huff is full of energy as she brings in the weekend. The recording is coupled with The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air theme song. And Sadie starts the show with a short lip-sync session. Then she and her husband break out in a choreographed dance.

“It’s time for a little Dancing With The Parents!!! THE WEEKEND IS SO UPON US PEOPLE! GO DANCE!” she enthusiastically captioned. “Who’s seeing some improvement???! Also lol at this cover picture hahaha.”

And to answer Sadie’s question, we always thought her dancing was flawless. So she doesn’t need improvement. She was the season 19 runner-up Dancing with the Stars champ for a reason.

Sadie Robertson Huff and Her Husband Plan on Expanding Their Family

Sadie Robertson Huff and Christian Huff welcomed their first child, Honey James, this past May. And the couple has been very open and honest about their trials and celebrations while becoming new parents.

Like all parents, Sadie and Christian have had their fair share of stressful times. Honey’s birth almost led to a NICU stay when the infant’s umbilical cord wrapped around her neck during delivery. And Sadie battled postpartum anxiety during the early months of Honey’s life. Then Honey spent four days in the hospital with RSV just last month.

But the Huffs know that stress is a part of parenthood. And they haven’t let hardships overshadow their happiness. In fact, Sadie Robertson Huff told E! News that there is a silver lining to the pain and worry she went through.

“The challenge and the authenticity that we have experienced together and the vulnerability has made us so much closer together,” she said. “We’ve just seen each other walk through some hard things. And it’s made us love each other and appreciate each other more. Christian has been a rock. He has been so great to us and has just loved Honey so well, which makes me love him even more.”

And now that they’re five months into parenthood, they’re starting to settle into their new lives. And they love it. They’re so happy in their roles as mom and dad that they’d like to have two or three more kids. They’re also considering adopting a child just like Sadie’s parents did.

But they’re not making any plans to expand just yet. For now, they’re enjoying time as a family of three.