Sadie Robertson Huff Posts Adorable Pic, Sends Marriage Advice to Fans

by Jon D. B.

Sadie Robertson Huff is wearing her hart on her sleeve with her latest Instagram message to fans, addressing it “to all the girls out there who have yet to say, “I do”…

Duck Dynasty daughter and mom-to-be Sadie Huff Robertson is a mainstay for Instagrammers. With over 4 million followers, her audience is massive, and each seems to appreciate her glowing spirit more than the last.

Sharing everything from her “babymoon” with husband Christian Huff – to deeply intimate looks into her philosophies on love, Robertson Huff is a true gem.

Today, her post comes in the form of the latter, and it’s an incredible essay fans won’t want to miss. Moreover, her words speak to anyone who has found their “true love” in this life. As such, she starts off her open-heart letter with a fittingly open address:

“To all the girls out there who have yet to say, “I do”…” she begins in the post.

“There are things to consider as you question who will be the man you commit to spending your life with. Many many things to consider. But one I want to remind you of now as you’re single or in the evaluating process of who you are dating is this… who you marry will one day be the father of your children.”

From here, Sadie Robertson Huff truly opens up. “It’s easy to just think about the next season of life… when we are single we want to be dating, when we a start dating we want to be engaged, when we are engaged it’s all about the wedding, and then we enter the thing that the whole process was for – the marriage,” she continues. It is worth noting, however, that Sadie’s open letter is truly meant for those who wish to have children. If that’s you, then absolutely read on.

Sadie Robertson Huff’s Open Letter to Moms & Wives to Be

“As the marriage goes on you may want to have kids, and it’s in that moment that you really hope you took seriously every step of the process and the journey before hand,” the author and influencer continues. “That you didn’t just date because you wanted a boyfriend. You didn’t just get engaged because you wanted a ring… [And] you didn’t just get married because you didn’t want to be lonely.”

“You want to be confident that you went through the process, because you love the man who is in front of you and He makes you better and leads you to Jesus,” she states. Sadie is a devout Christian, as well, much like her loving Duck Dynasty family.

To this end, Robertson Huff adds that she already felt love and value through Christianity. For her, however, she knew Christian Huff was the one when he made her feel “even more loved, valued, and secure – not less.”

For her, their love confirms for her what she “already felt through Jesus – not taken away. That is something to consider.”

“Who you marry matters. Who raises your kids matters.”

Moreover, all of this is crucial to motherhood. She sees this love and confidence as key to raising a baby. And as a result of her love for and with Christian, she is absolutely “giddy.”

“And now as I hold a baby girl inside of me I can’t help, but get giddy for her because of the daddy I know she will have,” she continues.

For these reasons and many others, Sadie is confident their daughter will know the love of their father. “She will be so secure in the way she was made,” she phrases. “Not a season will go by that she won’t hear and know, “you’re beautiful”, “I chose you,” “I love you.” How do I know that? Because not a season has gone by that I haven’t heard those words from this man,” she says of her growing family. Wise words from such a young, budding star.

Kudos to you, Sadie Robertson Huff, for sharing such light and joy in a time when people need it most. To this end, she doubles down on the message of her open letter with a strong ending:

“Who you marry matters. Who raises your kids matters. Consider your husband, consider your children, consider yourself, and consider who God is to you, before you say “I Do”.”

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