Sadie Robertson Huff Reveals Adorable Collection of Photos from Recent ‘Baby Moon’

by Kayla Zadel

Sadie Robertson Huff and her husband, Christian Huff, recently went on a getaway before the birth of their daughter. This is the couple’s first child and they’re taking a little time before the baby comes to spend some quality time with each other on a vacation, also called a “baby moon.”

Mrs. Huff shares several photos on social media in what she calls a “baby moon photo dump :-)”

The first photo is a selfie of the expecting parents. If we had to guess by the pom-pom’s hanging in the background, we’d say they’re somewhere tropical, like Mexico. The next photo is of Huff taking a selfie in a bathroom mirror. She’s wearing an orange midi-dress. The “Duck Dynasty” alum has her hand placed on top of her growing bump. She’s smiling and it looks like she’s still in awe and happy about the pregnancy.

Sadie Roberston Huff Photo Collage Continues

Huff includes a photo of Christian in her carousel. He’s sitting at a dining table, beachside, wearing a shirt that says “Girl Dad.” He’s smiling but has a bit of a shocked look like he still can’t believe that he’s going to be a dad. The next pic is of the couple on the tennis courts. The two are smiling at the camera. Christian is holding a tennis racket and Sadie has her hand placed on her bump. She’s wearing a black tank top and a black tennis skirt. Mr. Huff is wearing a gray t-shirt and camo shorts.

Up next is a snap of Huff’s bump as if she’s looking down at her feet. She captures her baby bump and her gray sneakers as she stands on some concrete stairs. Additionally, a photo of Sadie Robertson Huff follows. It’s a close-up of the mom-to-be. Her eyes are closed and limps pursed. Sadie’s hand is placed on her ponytail that’s tie-up in a tan bandana scarf.

Then she rounds out the photo dump with Christian standing next to a couple of chickens, flashing the thumbs up. Another selfie of the Huff duo is next. THey’re wearing sunglasses and smiling at the camera. Then Huff shares a photo of her pizza, which looks like it has a salad on top made of arugula and parmesans cheese. And rounding out the photo dump is a closeup of Christina’s hairline, showing where he forget to put sunscreen on.

What is a Baby Moon?

If you’re not sure what a “babymoon” is, we’ll break it down for you. A babymoon is like a honeymoon. Like spending time with your new spouse on a honeymoon, a babymoon is spending quality time with your significant other before the birth of the baby.

It’s like one last hurrah before the madness of of a newborn child sets in.