Sadie Robertson Drops Post-Baby Shower Photos, Shows Off Growing Baby Bump

by Evan Reier

The excitement just keeps building and building for Sadie Robertson and the Duck Dynasty clan as she prepares for her first child.

The 23-year-old is bringing a new Robertson, well Robertson Huff, into the world sometime this spring, and the preparations are underway. The latest? The always classic baby shower.

While Sadie Robertson didn’t give fans a look into the activities of the baby shower, she did post a set of photo afterwards.

The soon-to-be mom shared the photos with a caption.

“baby’s 1st shower was the SWEETEST🤍 thankful for our sweet sweet friends who threw us the shower and just continue to shower us and now her with so much love and kindness. Thankful our daughter will grow up with people like all of you! so happy rn💗”

The photos feature Sadie showing off her baby bump, which seems like it’s coming along great. There is also an adorable shot of Sadie and her husband Christian, and some picks with friends and family.

If it’s not abundantly clear, Sadie is elated for the birth of her child and the people that surround her. With a tight-knit, successful family like the Robertsons, who can blame her?

Korie Updates Status of Sadie Robertson Pregnancy

The updates have been coming fast, and understandably so. Considering she’s like just weeks or maybe a couple months until her due date, there’s a lot to keep up with.

Korie Robertson did so by sharing an update after a wayward adventure with Sadie. The two were stuck on the road as they went to get new ultrasound photos.

“Stuck for 4 hours on the interstate trying to get to a dr’s appt with @legitsadierob (It’s normally a 30 min drive),” Korie Robertson said. “We made it! All is well with mama and baby, plus we got to see ultrasound pics and baby girl is adorable 🥰 so in love already!!”

Sadie is excited, and Korie obviously is too. After all, a new grandbaby is something any mother would love. However, we bet she didn’t expect the update to take as long as it did. But with the current winter storm, it’s not surprising.

But they made it home, and they are a step closer to welcoming a new family member.