‘Singing in the Rain’ Icon Debbie Reynolds’ Son Opens Up How His Mother Got Through Difficult Times

by Taylor Cunningham

Debbie Reynolds had a tragic personal life. But “her faith got her through all the difficult times.”

As Debbie’s son, Todd Fisher, told Closer Weekly, his mother’s “survival capabilities came from her belief in.

As a young woman in the 1950s, Debbie Reynolds appeared to have a perfect life. She was an A-list Hollywood starlet with a dashing husband and two beautiful children at home. But in 1958, everything changed.

Debbie was close friends with Elizabeth Taylor. And in a freak accident, Elizabeth’s husband, producer Mike Todd, died in a plane crash. Debbie’s husband, actor Eddie Fisher, was best friends with Mike Todd. They two were so close that Eddie named his son after the producer.

While Eddie was mourning, he spent a lot of time with the newly widowed Elizabeth Taylor. And before long, he and Elizabeth fell in love. Shortly after, Eddie walked away from his family. And in 1959, he and Elizabeth were married.

“My mother had this dream of having the perfect husband and the little family with a boy and girl,” Todd said to Closer Weekly. “It happened, and then it didn’t happen. Truthfully, Eddie was the best of the husbands. He didn’t do anything with malice, and he didn’t take a penny from her.”

The heartbroken divorcee thought she needed a stable, two-parent home for her children. So in 1960, she married shoe magnate Harry Karl. But that marriage ended in 1973 when Debbie found out the compulsive gambler had lost all of her money.

Todd Fisher recalled Harry Karl loving his mother very much, but his addictions devastated the couple’s relationship.

“He loved my mother, for sure,” Todd shared. “But she didn’t have any clue that he was going to turn into this nightmare gambler. Between the gambling, drinking, and bad judgment, it eventually led to him cheating on her as well.”

Debbie Reynolds’s Third Marriage Ended in Financial Ruin

Debbie Reynolds married for a third and final time in 1984. But that husband, Virginia businessman Richard Hamlett, left her penniless once again. In 1992, he convinced the starlet to buy a hotel and casino. But five years later, she filed for bankruptcy after Richard ran off with all of her savings.

“All of my husbands have robbed me blind,” she said in a 1999 interview. “The only one who didn’t take money was Eddie Fisher. He just didn’t pay for the children.”

Debbie continued to work in Hollywood until her death. In her later years, she starred in Roseanne and Will and Grace. The actress also wrote two successful memoirs titled Unsinkable and Make ’Em Laugh.

But in 2016, Debbie Reynolds suffered the ultimate heartbreak when her daughter, Star Wars actress Carrie Fisher, died in her sleep from “undetermined causes.” And the day after Todd Fisher lost his sister, his mother also died.

And like his mother, Todd relied on his faith while grieving their deaths.

“I’m a Christian. I happen to believe that we’ll all meet again… My mother was a Christian. She believed that. Carrie believed it,” Todd shared. “We’ll all meet again.”