Smash Mouth Singer Steve Harwell Goes on Explicit Rant at Fans During ‘Chaotic’ Concert

by Samantha Whidden

Over the weekend, Smash Mouth lead vocalist Steve Harwell took to the stage of the Big Sip Beer Fest in Bethel, New York and acted in a very unusual way. 

According to the New York Post, Smash Mouth was performing on stage when the band started having technical issues. Harwell also was dropping his drinks, swaying back and forth onstage. He then began flipping off the crowd and notably giving a Nazi salute. 


the most chaotic show I’ve ever been to #smashmouth #heynow #allstar #shrekisloveshrekislife

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“I’ll f—ing kill your whole family,” the Smash Mouth bandmate declared. “I swear to God!” He also shared some vulgar details about his personal life before finally leaving the stage. 

Smash Mouth previously caught criticism last year when the group performed at the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally during the COVID-19 pandemic. At the time, Smash Mouth’s band manager, Robert Hayes, stated the band went to great lengths to ensure concertgoers’ safety. “The promoter did a fantastic job with their COVID protocol. They had a very strict social distancing and mask policy in place for all workers.”

Twitter Reacts to Videos of Smash Mouth’s Performance Over the Weekend

After the video of the ’90s band’s latest performance went viral, the Twitterverse decided to share thoughts about what went down. One Twitter user wrote, “Y’all think he put his finger and his thumb in the shape of an L on his forehead? …. I’ll see myself out.”

Another Twitter user went on to add, “Well someone once told me that the world was going to roll me… I didn’t know smashmouth was going to do it…”

Steve Harwell Announced Plans to Go on Hiatus Due to Heart Condition 

A rep from Smash Mouth revealed to TMZ last week that Steve Harwell will actually be taking a hiatus from performing due to a heart condition.

The media outlet reported that Harwell has cardiomyopathy, which is a heart disease that makes the heart muscles become enlarged and weak. This causes issues with the heart being able to pump blood. He has had the condition since 2015. Despite this news, Harwell was seen performing with the Smash Mouth crew days later.

Fellow rockband Eve 6ix actually took to Twitter to ask Smash Mouth a question about the lead singer. “ok a couple things 1) @smashmouth did you really fire your singer and B) can i be your new singer.”

Eve 6ix then tweeted that they just really want to be able to put lead singer of Smash Mouth in the band’s bio. “ANSWER THE QUESTION COWARDS.”

Smash Mouth finally responded to Eve 6ix by tweeting, “nobody got fired but anytime you wanna come sing All Star with us we’re down.”