‘Sons of Anarchy’ Star Kenny Johnson Remembers Late William Lucking

by Chase Thomas

Since the passing of the late, great William Lucking, Sons Of Anarchy former cast members have taken the time to say a few words honoring the longtime great actor. Now, former SOA member Kenny Johnson has spoken about the late Lucking.

Johnson took to his personal Twitter account to say, “Piney. I’ll miss you my friend. !!! You were brilliant ,and a truth teller. Thank you for sharing yourself with me , and with all of us. You’re a beautiful soul my friend.”

It was a nice sentiment from Johnson, who joined Sons of Anarchy later than most. Especially Piney, who was an SOA original. Piney’s character arc on the show was one of the more interesting ones. Remember, he knew Jax’s father quite well, and early on in the program, he went behind Clay’s back-to-back Jax’s rise from VP to President.

This was a bold move who was an original for the club. He was somebody who worked with Clay for decades with the club. He sacrificed a lot for the club, and it affected his family mightily. His relationship with his son and fan-favorite Opie was a significant storyline for the program.

Piney played a pivotal role in the future of the club. He seemed like an untouchable character, even from Clay’s wrath throughout. While so many before him came and went, Piney stuck around for the long haul. He remained an outlaw true and true and Lucking played the role perfectly.

Piney on ‘Sons of Anarchy’

Fans remember Piney and Opie’s relationship well, especially the relationship between Piney and Jax. Even after everything Piney saw over the decades, he still believed SAMCRO could find its way again with Jax at the helm. What happened to Opie, his son, was one of the most talked-about moments in the show’s legendary run. Every fan remembers that moment, as Opie was a fan-favorite who nobody wanted to see leave the program.

Kurt Sutter, the creator of Sons Of Anarchy, said of the scene to Variety:

“I loved the actor and the character, but the road we had taken him down was so heavy.”

Like Piney with Clay, both characters stuck around for the long haul and it ultimately cost them their lives. Just at very different times.

He continued, “The amount of death and sense of betrayal, I just organically could not have that guy sit at the table with Clay. It just didn’t make sense.”

Johnson played the role of Kozik on the show a member who started in Tacoma but later match the patch over to Charming later on during the show’s run on FX. While not one of the main cast members, Johnson was excellent in his role alongside so many talented actors like Lucking.