‘Storage Wars’ Star Barry Weiss Has an Absolutely Insane Car Collection

by Chris Haney

Fans of Storage Wars know Barry Weiss and his expensive tastes well. So no one was surprised when he made his return to the show recently driving a car worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. Weiss started collecting cars at a young age, but let’s explore some of the highlights of his insane car collection.

Season 14 of the hit A&E reality series based on unpaid storage unit auctions just returned last week. It’s been one of the network’s most popular shows since it debuted back in 2010. Weiss, an original cast member, left the show after Season 4 in 2013 to star in his own series Barry’d Treasure. But last week, the fan favorite reality star finally returned to Storage Wars.

As fans would expect, Weiss made a grand entrance during his on-camera return. The 70-year-old pulled up in his modified 1939 Lincoln Zephyr, which is worth between $123,200 and $352,000, according to Concept Cars. In a short interview with Clasiq from 2018, Weiss shows off the Zephyr while talking about his love for cars.

“I’ve been a car collector since I was 15… 16 years old,” Weiss shared. “My first car was like a ’67 Lincoln Continental. And then I fell in love with custom cars and hot rods and lead sleds.”

“There’s so many different styles of cars,” the Storage Wars star added. “Whether your thing is new Ferraris or hot rods or old cars from the ’30s or ’40s, they each have a unique character. And you know, you jump in and you can go wherever.”

Some Highlights of the ‘Storage Wars’ Star’s Car Collection

While the Zephyr is definitely one of the highlights of Barry Weiss’ collection, he’s got plenty more to show off. His decades of buying and selling have allowed him to accumulate a unique collection of automobiles, including his Ford Beatnik Custom.

The custom ride is made from a 1955 Ford with Cadillac inspired visual enhancements. In fact, it looks like it came out of an episode of The Jetsons with its huge bubble roof. The custom vehicle isn’t the only one of its kind, but Weiss does supposedly own the world’s largest bubble-top custom car.

Another custom-built ride that stands out in his collection is a 1940 Ford COE Truck. COE is short for “cab over engine” in which the cab of the truck sits above or forward of the truck’s front axle. Weiss’ red Ford COE looks vintage and futuristic at the same time.

However, not every car in the Storage Wars buyer‘s collection is a classic. He’s frequently seen cruising around in his exotic Italian sports car, a Maserati GranTurismo, when he’s not buying up storage units. Yet none of these cars can compare to one custom that made an appearance on the hit A&E show.

In Season 2, Episode 17 titled “Winner Winner Chicken Dinner,” Barry Weiss broke out a custom car for the ages. His bright yellow Chicken Car with accompanying chicken head on the roof is a sight to behold. The automobile is based on a 1978 Oldsmobile 98, and only a guy like Weiss can pull off driving it down the road.