Sturgill Simpson Honors Late Musician Uncle Who Died This Weekend in Heartfelt Post

by Atlanta Northcutt

Sturgill Simpson is both mourning the loss of his uncle while also celebrating his life, as the musician writes a touching tribute on social media.

Sturgill Simpson Mourns the Death of His Uncle Walter

On Monday, Simpson took to Instagram to express his grief and love for the passing of his Uncle Walter.

“I know without any doubt that I speak for everyone who ever knew him to say he will be dearly missed,” says Sturgill.

He wrote a lengthy caption recalling the fond memories and good times he had with his uncle. Walter was also a musician and lover of music. The desire to express his love and admiration for Walter was genuinely and beautifully written.

Looking Back on Fond Memories

“When I was a kid in Jackson, KY, my uncle played in a band with two brothers, Walter & Wade Begley. They were both bachelors and total music fanatics who lived in a house on Pan Bowl Lake,” explains Simpson. “They opened up and converted the entire front of the house into one large open performance stage area complete with lights & P.A. facing out into a social area/large open room.”

“On the weekends they would throw parties, and the band would play. To a small kid, it seemed like half the town would show up,” he adds.

Simpson’s Uncle Inspires His Musical Talents

He describes the good times and experiences he enjoyed with his Uncle Walter while growing up. Sturgill began performing at the house in front of a crowd of people. In doing so, he became more comfortable playing on stage in front of others.

“When I started getting serious about music and playing guitar my Uncle would take me with him. They forced me to sit in with the band,” says Simpson. “It’s where I first cut my teeth and found the confidence to play in front of an audience.”

Sturgill owes a great deal of his love of music and constance exposure to it from being around his uncle.

“Sometimes we’d just go hang out at their place and listen to records and they would teach me songs or make me sit down and watch VHS recordings of live Danny Gatton shows from the ’80s,” he says.

Sturgill Simpson finishes his post saying:

“I am very sad to say Walter passed away this past Saturday,” he writes. “It cannot be overstated how much of an influence his positivity, encouragement, and patience was on me as a musician.”