‘Survivor 41’ Throws Fans for a Twist in Episode 6

by Anna Dunn

Survivor absolutely went wild with tonight’s twist. The show has seriously been hammering down those twists this season, and this new one may be the craziest and most contested yet. The tribes have finally merged…ish… not really. It’s complicated?

We honestly need multiple charts to understand all the advantages and twists at this point. Typically, the merge is a time for celebration. Past seasons of Survivor have seen fans feast together, but this year, the merge was split into halves. One player headed to exile before even meeting the rest of the cast.

There was another challenge that was for… sort of safety? But also not exactly. It’s all pretty convoluted.

But none of this was even the twist. The player in exile gets to make a game-changing choice that’ll “turn back time” and make the safety competition void, instead giving the safety to the other side.

Here’s what went down on Tonight’s ‘Survivor’ Episode

The episode opened with Shan, who’s had some incredible moments so far, fighting with Ricard. He gives her back the advantage she earned, but there’s a definite strain on their relationship. In last week’s episode, the two set the remaining member of their team, Geanie, packing.

All three teams were definitely ready for this merge to happen. Instead of everyone getting a feast like it typically happens on Survivor, two teams competed for the feast. The winning team got the feast along with a safety buff. The losing team is the only one that has to later compete in the immunity challenge.

Two people who drew grey stones then had their fate left up to the winning team. The winning team had to pick one player to join the feast and one player to go to exile.

Ricard, Danny, Sydney, Deshawn and Evvie were victorious and chose Naseer to join them over Erica, who was sent for exile.

It’s clear Danny wants Erica out. And there are some serious cracks in team Yase. Tiffany isn’t happy that Liana wants to target Xander. Shan and Liana bonded with Danny and Deshawn, and there may be an alliance in the works in the future.

Erica is then presented with a crazy decision. She can take away the safety Ricard, Danny, Sydney, Naseer Deshawn and Evvie have and transfer that to the other players. But that’s where the episode ends.

What will Erica do with all this power? Allegiances originally set up in the teams are already showing major cracks and new ones look like they’re forming.

Regardless of how you feel about all these new twists, the next episode of survivor will be one to keep an eye on. You can tune in to CBS at 8/7 Central next Wednesday to catch the next episode.