‘Survivor’ Host Jeff Probst Reveals Show Is Making Major Change to How Seasons Are Titled Going Forward

by Anna Dunn

Survivor host Jeff Probst just revealed that the show is making a major change. The way seasons are titled going forward is going to be more simple. The show, which will premiere the first episode of its next season on September 22nd, is undergoing some major changes, with the season naming process being one of them.

This time, the name of the new season is aptly titled by its number, Survivor 41. This is a big change from previous seasons, where they were named after a theme or a twist.

“As you know from our talks during Winners at War, we always envisioned our 40th season as the end of an era of Survivor,” host Jeff Probst said in an interview with Entertainment Weekly. “From a game standpoint, it seemed like the perfect opportunity to get away from seasons that were built around a casting theme or a major twist. That led to an easy decision to also do away with titles and just go with numbers for each season.”

Lots of fans of these types of shows prefer more straight-up gameplay-related seasons over big twists. So many are excited about the change of pace. But of course, fans of twists will rest assured that they will still occur.

“This doesn’t mean we won’t have big, fun new twists in the future, it just means we won’t define the entire season around it,” he said.

And as for whether this is a permanent change for all future seasons, the host is clear: “Yes, moving forward seasons will be numbered.”

But that doesn’t mean everything’s changing.

Fans Find Pros and Cons to the New ‘Survivor’ Change

If it’s one thing fans love to do, it’s debate each other. And as Survivor nears, fan discussions heat up.

Those excited about the change are excited that there seems to be less focus on major themed twists. The show will be more focused on the game. Besides, Survivor seasons often used to be named after the location they filmed in. However, that became impossible once the show made its permanent location in Fiji.

However, some fans feel like the quirky season titles are an important part of Survivor’s brand. They want to see them continue.

But wherever they fall on the spectrum of that debate, most fans are thrilled about the upcoming season. With a diverse cast all with different unique skill sets and an interesting “monster” twist, this season could shape up to be a great one.

Not to mention, this theme will have a sort of “game within a game” that viewers will be allowed to play from home. How that’ll work exactly will be revealed next week when the show returns. But when it does, it’ll come with the sleek and simple Survivor 41 title.