‘Swamp People’: Jay Paul Molinere’s Wary Advice to Those Looking to Get into Alligator Hunting

by Michael Freeman

Swamp People” has really taken off since its inception more than a decade ago. While it’s sure to have encouraged many to try their hand with alligator hunting, Jay Paul Molinere has some cautious advice for those looking to attempt it themselves.

In an interview with Powwows.com, R.J. Molinere and Jay Paul fielded numerous questions. Near the end of the interview, Paul offered his advice with alligator hunting.

“Not everyone can just go out and fish alligators. You have the right property and the licenses. It’s real regulated and there is a lot of red tape, so you should know all the guidelines before you even think about baiting that first line.”

It may seem strange Paul answered in such a way, however, it has been reported alligator hunting isn’t nearly as lucrative as one might think. Between getting the required licenses, renewing them, paying the necessary fees, and the short hunting season in places like Louisiana, alligator hunting may often be more trouble than it’s worth.

Another concern is the inherent danger present when hunting alligators. As experienced and careful as they are, R.J. admits even they don’t always walk away unscathed. When asked about injuries, he offered some insight.

“Yes, we are asked that a lot and it’s mostly been some close calls, nicks, and cuts. We respect the gator enough to know our limitations.”

R.J. and Jay Paul’s Family History Of Alligator Hunting

It’s no surprise R.J. and Jay Paul are on “Swamp People,” given their deep family history of alligator hunting. In the same interview with Powwows.com, R.J. delved into their family’s heritage of living off the land and hunting alligators.

“Jay and I are members of the United Houma Nation and years ago our people survived by living off the land which included hunting alligators. In our family, it goes back maybe 600 years ago and was a tradition passed from generation to generation.”

“Really it’s more than just a job, for us it’s always been a part of how we lived. It’s part of living off the land and in our area that is mostly swamp.”

This rich knowledge and heritage are actually what led to the two being scouted for “Swamp People.” Looking to diversify the cast of the show for Season 2, producers approached R.J. about joining.

“After the first season had been filmed the show was wanting to add someone of Native American heritage for Season 2. They were put in touch with me but while we talked they said they were looking for just one guy.”

Initially only wanting one person, R.J. insisted he and Jay Paul were a package deal. After sending footage of the two hunting to producers, they received a call saying they both were wanted for the show.