‘Swamp People’: Relive the Craziest Top 10 Moments from Past Seasons

by Amy Myers

There’s never a dull moment on the Belle River as long as the stars of Swamp People are around. Once alligator season starts, so does the danger, chaos and success. Oftentimes, for the alligator hunters of Louisiana, the month-long hunting season can be the difference between a comfortable income and a fight to make ends meet. So, when the stars head out on the murky waters, they do whatever it takes to come back with a boat full of meat and hides.

Among the stars of Swamp People is the Landry family with Troy Landry – otherwise known as the King of the Swamp – and his two adult sons, Chase and Jacob. Also in the hunt for gators are the Molineres, R.J. and his son Jay Paul. These two families are among the many alligator hunters that grew up with swamp water in their veins. Of course, with such lethal game and crafty competitors, there’s bound to be a few jaw-dropping moments caught on camera.

While every moment on Swamp People is worth watching, there are some that make us stop, rewind and watch it again. Here’s a list of some of our favorite moments on the show that you can see in the video below.

Outsider’s Favorite Jaw-Dropping Moments on ‘Swamp People’

#5 – Troy Landry decided it was time for him to try and bag a few bull gators, as they tend to result in higher pay than the typical American alligator. With the help of a fellow gator-hunting friend, the two wrestled with especially aggressive and strong gators before finally bringing not one, but two back to shore.

#4 – When Landry found out a poacher was cutting his lines, he decided to investigate who the culprit was. Once night fell, the King of the Swamp took his boat out onto the water by one of his lines and waited. Sure enough, someone was sabotaging his bait. But it wasn’t who he expected. Instead, it was one of Landry’s long-time friends that mistook the lines for his own.

#3 – While anglers avoid bananas before a trip, these three alligator hunters make sure to grab a few donuts before the first trip of the season. Landry and his boys make a stop at their usual donut shop each year for a few alligator-shaped pastries. With all of the family’s success, other hunters should be stopping by the shop, too.

#2 – Glenn Guist comes up with an innovative way to travel on the water. After finding a bunch of water bottles around the border of the swamp, he decides to enlist some help to turn his bike into an amphibious vehicle. Surprisingly, it worked pretty well.

#1 – As gator season comes to a close, Troy and Chase Landry decide to try a different bait tactic to bring in some bigger catches. By setting the bait higher up in the water, the father-son duo managed to bag five huge gators to help boost their revenue. Of course, the King of the Swamp snagged the biggest one – a hefty 12-foot gator.