‘Swamp People’ Star T-Roy Broussard’s Daughter Is Already a Pro at ‘Ripping Lips’ in New Fishing Pic

by Keeli Parkey

A love of fishing and being outdoors is something that at least one of the stars of “Swamp People” has passed on to one of his children.

That lucky man is T-Roy Broussard. And based on a social media post he shared on Sunday, Oct. 10, his daughter is following in his footsteps. Like her famous father, the youngster is becoming quite the fisherman. She recently brought in catches of both quality and quantity. Her father also has an absolutely adorable nickname for her.

“My lil swamp princess went from cracking a baseball bat last night to ripping lips today,” the “Swamp People” star began his Instagram post.

Next, he shared some details about the most recent catches by the “Lil Swamp Princess.”

“Her first cast smoked this 3lber,” T-Roy Broussard said referring to the accompanying photo. “Dad didn’t even cast. She caught 4 more in about 15 minutes.”

You can check out the “3lber” caught by the “Swamp People” star’s daughter below.

‘Swamp People’ Star Also Offers Parenting Advice in Recent Social Media Post

In addition to bragging about his daughter’s fishing talents, “Swamp People” star T-Roy Broussard also decided to offer up some parenting advice to his social media followers.

“If you are a dad, don’t try to live your life through your kids. Live your life FOR your kids. I never push my hobbies on my daughter,” Broussard also shared.

According to the reality television personality, his “Lil Swamp Princess” has spent time fishing and outdoors because she enjoys doing so. “She has pursued the hobbies I love because she loves them, not because I force her to,” Broussard also said.

Broussard shared his belief that being outdoors is good for children. And while he hopes that other fathers will encourage their children to heads outdoors to fish or hunt, he hopes other fathers won’t force their children to take on those hobbies.

“Fishing, hunting, and all other outdoor activities are nurturing things that dads should make available to their children but never push on them,” T-Roy Broussard also explained.

Unsurprisingly, getting to spend time in the great outdoors with his “Lil Swamp Princess” is something Broussard is very thankful for. He is also really looking forward to seeing what the future holds for his daughter. She is helping carry on the traditions of their family.

“I am blessed to be able to share my lifetime of knowledge with my daughter,” he shared. “There is no doubt she will outshine me in every category of life. For that I am grateful to god almighty for giving me the ability to pass on to her what my father passed on to me.”