‘Swamp People’: Troy Landry Has Heard Scary Things in the Bayou, From ‘Bigfoot’ to ‘Black Panthers’

by Shelby Scott

You have to be unwaveringly brave when it comes to hunting alligators. So, unless you’re unshaken by the southern lizards, alligator hunting probably isn’t for you. If the alligators didn’t seem threatening enough, “Swamp People” star Troy Landry shared in 2011 some other creepy encounters.

During the interview with TvTango, Landry was asked if he’d ever run into other scary creatures like “Ol’ One Eye.”

For those unfamiliar with the creature, it’s a strange being that, according to Landry has one red eye. It swims beneath the water and runs on its hind legs like a black bear will stand on two legs. Landry said that, while his father has seen the creature, he personally has not.

“They got Bigfoot sightings in the swamp,” Landry said. “They got screams at night. I think we have a few black panthers at night. Especially during mating season, I think that’s what they hear. A big gator, when he’s mating, let’s out a roar, and people aren’t used to that.”

Additionally, there’s also a possibility the sounds came from bird species like owls or other large birds. Another animal possibly responsible for the screams could be foxes. The species creates a sound at night that sounds much like a woman screaming. Nevertheless, all screams are unsettling, and it definitely doesn’t encourage me to explore the swamps of the south any more than I wanted to before.

‘Swamp People’ Star Troy Landry Compared a Big Alligator to a Big Buck

Being I personally hail from New England, encountering a big buck seems a lot less unsettling than encountering a big alligator. And I would definitely not want to encounter anything else Landry’s seen out on the bayous. Nevertheless, the “Swamp People” star is an avid fan of hunting both creatures. He’s previously compared the feeling of hunting and catching one to the feeling of hunting and catching the other.

Landry described that trying to outsmart a 6-,7-, or 8-year-old buck can be incredibly difficult as the buck’s survived hunting season year after year on his wits and instincts alone. Similarly, Landry, who hunts creatures who frequently live 10 times as long as some deer, pointed out the difficulty of trying to outsmart an alligator that is 60+ years old. Comparatively, the gator’s had ten times more life experience and can outsmart a hunter a lot longer than we may assume.

Regardless, Outsider applauds the “Swamp People” star, and his passion for hunting gators, braving screams in the night and sharing with us the experience of life on the bayou.