‘Swamp People’: Why Troy Landry Says a ‘Big Alligator is Like a Big Buck’

by Joe Rutland

Troy Landry of “Swamp People” definitely loves going on the hunt for alligators. Catching a bit one, though, gives him a little extra feeling.

Landry, who has been a part of The History Channel show since its inception, talked about what it’s like to nab a big gator in the Louisiana swamps.

“You know, a big alligator is like a big buck,” the “Swamp People” star told the Monticello Herald-Journal in 2019. “If you’re a deer hunter, you know how hard it is to outsmart a 6-, 7-, or 8-year-old buck. Imagine trying to outsmart a 60-, 70-, or even 80-year-old buck.”

‘Swamp People’ Hunter Drew Comparison Between Big Gator, Big Buck

Landry said there are a lot of comparisons between a big gator and a big buck. Outsiders who love their hunting might want to lean in and listen to his words.

“He’s going to lie up in the dirtiest, thickest places along the bayou,” the “Swamp People” veteran gator hunter who hollers “Choot’Em” from his boat, said. “If there is an area with a bunch of trash or downed trees, that’s where he’s going to hide during the daylight hours — where the boats can go right past him and nobody will even know he’s there.

“Just like a big buck will hide right next to a highway or train tracks if he thinks he’s safe; those alligators will do the same thing,” Landry said.

Most Of Show’s Hunters Live in Cajun Country, but Some Have Come From Texas

We don’t know if Outsiders can compare hunting bucks with hunting alligators. But Landry definitely knows a thing or two about catching those big-time gators when his season gets underway.

“Swamp People” fans know those hunters stay busy in the Atchafalaya Basin doing their best to collect as many gators as possible. The more they get, the more they will bring in money-wise to support their families and lives.

Many of the gator hunters people watch on The History Channel show live near the Atchafalaya. Some even have come over from nearby Southeast Texas and gotten involved in gator hunting through the years.

The show just finished its 12th season on May 27, 2021, making it 213 “Swamp People” episodes in the can. No official word has come down from The History Channel about its 13th season. Outsiders who love the show will have to wait for news about its future.

Troy Landry, Jacob Landry, and Willie Williams are the longest-tenured gator hunters on the show. As we mentioned earlier about Troy, both Jacob and Willie have been around since its first season in 2010. There have been a lot of hunters who have come and gone over the seasons, but those three are still around.