‘SWAT’: Is Rodrigo Sanchez Leaving the Show?

by Anna Dunn

Is Rodrigo Sanchez leaving SWAT? Many were hoping the character would finally be done with on the show heading into episode 6. He’s become quite the antagonist. Played by actor David DeSantos, Sanchez truly has it out for Hondo, seemingly resorting to any measure in order to ruin Hondo’s career.

So, is he finally gone from SWAT?

It looks like he is…. for now. Sanchez is off to probably cause chaos elsewhere, but this may not be the last we’ll see of him. This definitely doesn’t feel like the end for his character, more like a temporary send-off. Fans shouldn’t be surprised if Sanchez returns later this season or at least later in the series.

Additionally, episode 6 saw Hondo return to his position as the lead. This will definitely cause some strife within the LAPD. Hondo has not been afraid to call out corruption and bad actors when he sees it and has made plenty of enemies with the department.

Still, hopefully this will allow the team to return to a more normal routine without the threat of Sanchez looming over their heads. At least, that’s true for now. It would be shocking if last night’s episode is the last we’ll see of Sanchez.

Episode 6 of SWAT season 5 saw the team support Street, who has to attend his mother’s funeral. It really showed just how deeply they care for one another and was definitely a touching moment. Fans should watch how his Mother’s death impacts Street moving forward. He’s definitely going to be changed over this both in the short term and in the long term.

Here’s How ‘SWAT’ is Doing in the Ratings

Despite the fact that SWAT has a difficult time slot, the show has been doing fairly well in the ratings. However, the most recent episode saw a bit of a dip. It’s nothing to be concerned about just yet. With a .7 demo rating and 4.7 million viewers, the show struggled a bit on Friday in comparison to its other weeks this season.

But the ratings for SWAT are something to keep an eye on for SWAT because starting on January 2nd, the show will be moving to an entirely new timeslot. The show is moving to Sunday Nights at 10/9 central and will follow new episodes of NCIS: Los Angeles. Its moving time slots in part to replace the void left behind by SEAL Team’s move to Paramount +.

It’s unclear how this will affect SWAT in the ratings, but changing timeslots mid-season can occasionally be difficult.

For now, you can tune in to SWAT every Friday night at 8/7 Central. If you haven’t seen the show and want to start, you can catch the show on Hulu.