‘SWAT’ Night Change Headlines CBS Winter Schedule Release

by Anna Dunn

CBS just released its midseason schedule, and SWAT is moving to Sunday Nights. This will effectively fill the gap left by SEAL Team’s move to paramount +. Its move from its Friday spot to Sunday may help it in the ratings. CBS has a new round of Undercover Boss episodes to air in the Friday slot as it shifts things around.

In the new time slot, SWAT will air right after NCIS: Los Angeles. It’s a solid show to follow considering they have similar subject matter. Additionally, the Sunday night spot will likely get more eyes on the series, even if it airs later.

The show will move time slots starting on Saturday, January 2nd. Until then, you can still catch new episodes as they come out on Fridays at 8/C central. While Fridays are never the best nights for ratings, SWAT has been doing particulairly well in that time slot. According to TV Line, this lead people to speculate about whether or not the show would actually be moved as planned.

On top of the SWAT timeslot change, CBS is packing its schedule full of content to prepare for counter-programming to the olympics. On top of plenty of NCIS and NCIS: Hawai’i episodes, the show is also airing its 3rd season of celebrity Big Brother. No cast has been announced yet, but previous contestants included Ryan Lochte and Omarosa.

Also, even though Survivor season 41 is still underway, we also got an official release date for season 42. The two hour premiere will air on Wednesday, March 9th.

One SWAT Star Said Another Series Helped Prepare Him for the Show

As SWAT moves nights, many are looking back on how the show has performed so far. One SWAT star once compared the show to another hit. David Lim, who Plays Victor Tan, said that he had plenty of preparation for the role thanks to his time on Quantico.

“(Quantico) gave me exposure to the industry and an opportunity to showcase what I could do with a challenging role,” he told Augustman Magazine. Now, as the show moves time slots and continues to be a hit success, Lim continues to show off his acting skills.

The show follows Daniel “Hondo” Harrelson and his team of SWAT officers. Harrelson is tasked with working with the team in his home city. Over the course of the show, there’s often no easy answers, and violence is the last resort, never the go-to.

It originally aired in November of 2017 and is based off of a 1975 Television show of the same name. If you want to catch the next episode of SWAT, you can tune in to CBS in that Friday night timeslot. If you want to catch up on the series, SWAT is available to watch on Paramount +.