Taylor Swift Confirms Suspicions: Paul McCartney is ‘Loveliest Person Alive’

by Atlanta Northcutt

Although Taylor Swift is extremely famous, no one can really beat a knight and one of the members of The Beatles, regardless of how talented they are. According to Swift, Paul McCartney isn’t only talented, but is “the loveliest person alive”.

“Musicians on Musicians”- Taylor Swift and Paul McCartney

Taylor Swift and Sir Paul McCartney made the cover of Rolling Stone Friday with the title “Musicians on Musicians.” The two sat down for Rolling Stone magazine, discussing their music, personal passions, similarities and songwriting styles.

Swift later tweeted: “It only took one day to confirm what I had suspected for years: Paul McCartney is the loveliest person alive.” She then thanked Rolling Stone for making this happen.

Lovely Paul McCartney

Participating in a photoshoot by Paul’s daughter Mary, Taylor is wearing clothes from his other daughter, Stella, while bonding together.

Swift describes 78-year-old McCartney dancing and singing. She fan-girled out by asking him to hand-write her favorite lyric of his and sign it, and according to Billboard, she promised to cherish it forever.

The pair discussed the recording process of their recent albums, their shared love of numerology and performing under pseudonyms, as well as adjusting to life in the spotlight.

The Performance That Should’ve Been

McCartney revealed a huge surprise to Swift. He wanted her to join him on stage at this summer’s canceled Glastonbury Festival.

“Were you going to invite me?” Swift asks. “I was hoping that you would. I was going to ask you.”

Not only was the Beatles legend going to extend his hand, but he was also planning on playing her hit “Shake It Off” with her. “I know it, it’s in C!” McCartney adds.

All About the Fans

At one point, the singers discussed how good it felt for a fan to tell them how a song helped them through a hard time. While performing the same song over-and-over again for different shows can become redundant, the fact those hit songs bring pleasure to the fans is what’s most important to the two performers.

“I think it’s so cool that you do projects that are just for you,” says Swift. Because I went with my family to see you in concert in 2010 or 2011. The most I took away from the show was it was the most selfless setlist I had ever seen.”

“It was completely being geared toward what it would thrill us to hear,” Swift adds. “It had new stuff, but it had every hit we wanted to hear. Every song we ever cried to, people had gotten married to, or been brokenhearted to. And I just remembered thinking, ‘I’ve got to remember that,’ that you do that setlist for your fans.”