Taylor Swift Posts Hilarious Clip With Paul McCartney Shouting Out His New Album

by Madison Miller

One of the greatest friendships to come to light in 2020 is between Taylor Swift and Paul McCartney.

McCartney released a new album, “McCartney III” and Swift is being his biggest cheerleader. She replied to a post from McCartney congratulating her on releasing “evermore.”

Swift is McCartney’s Cheerleader

The caption read, “Everyone stream/buy McCartney III because it’s excellent but also because Paul is the kind of friend who steps in to help you when your boot is stuck. If not for him, it would still be on there.”

Taylor Swift and Paul McCartney are quite the cute pair.

McCartney released his new album yesterday. This is the third collection of McCartney’s recordings as a solo artist. In 1970 he came out with”McCartney” which solidified him as a solo artist in the business. Even more than that, it solidified him as someone who was able to play each instrument on the album.

Then in 1980, he released “McCartney II” right as his other band “Wings” was breaking up. Now, 40 years late, nothing has slowed down McCartney when it comes to making his third album.

“I was very lucky to be able to come to my studio and make some music, which took the edge off the whole quarantine thing. I would write a song, then I’d come in and record it — or I’d say, ‘Wait a minute, what about that song I started last year but never got round to finishing?’ So there was no worry attached. If you’re making an album, what you might call a proper album, you’re concentrating on making sure it’s right. And this project, I wasn’t concentrating. I was just [saying], ‘Sounded good? Right, on to the next thing.’ It’s got a very loose feel to it,” McCartney told NPR.

While he’s recording he starts with vocals and guitar. Then he goes in himself and plays instruments like the piano, drums, or bass to add more to the song.

BFFs Taylor Swift and Paul McCartney

When it comes to friendship and respect, Taylor Swift even moved her release date twice to avoid conflicting with McCartney’s release date. It is an act of courtesy that some artists in the business abide by.

However, some people are criticizing Eminem for being a bit, shady, and releasing his album “Music to Be Murdered By — Side B (Deluxe Edition)” the same day as McCartney.

On “The Howard Stern Show” McCartney said that he got an email from Swift saying she wanted to release her album on Dec. 11 for her birthday, but then moved it to not be the same date as his.

When McCartney switched to the 18th, Taylor Swift again moved her album to avoid conflicting. It was a gesture that he appreciated.

“So, I mean, you know, people do keep out of each other’s way … It’s a nice thing to do.”

While they stay out of each other’s way when it comes to releasing albums, in real life they are big fans of each other. In October, she left the house for one of the first times to talk with McCartney for musicians on musicians piece from Rolling Stone. His daughters were involved as well. Mary took the picture and Stella designed Swift’s clothes (the two are also very close friends.)

The two talked about recording during quarantine and their inspirations for music.