Ted Nugent Shreds ‘Fred Bear’ Over a Campfire in Throwback Video

by Quentin Blount

There is nothing like listening to “Fred Bear” by rock music legend Ted Nugent at camp around a campfire while on a hunting trip.

Ted Nugent wrote the classic song in memory of his friend. Fred Bear was a famous bow hunter and founder of the Bow Archery Co. He died in 1988.

Simply put, Fred Bear was a legend in the archery world. He was responsible for getting many hunters interested in archery and still is a revered figure today.

The Ted Nugent Spirit of the Wild Facebook page posted the throwback video on Friday. They included the following message with the video:

“In hunt camp shredding Fred Bear over a campfire…you don’t even need diesel to start the fire!” Nugent posted Long live the legend Fred Bear. Thankful for his impact on the archery world. Sit back and relax, Uncle Ted is going to take you to a magical place! #FredBear #Campfire #TedNugent.”

Have a look at Nugent rocking out next to a campfire below:

Fred Bear Made a Lifelong Impact on Ted Nugent

The legendary rocker says that he’s never forgotten the days he spent with the bowhunting master, Fred Bear. In a blog post, Nugent reflected upon his cherished times with Fred going all the way back to his youth. He says they are some of the most special memories he has.

“We talked rock-n-roll, guitars, bows, arrows, broadheads, guns, ammo, knives, wildlife, the healing powers of nature, the old days in Detroit and Grayling, a little politics, women, dogs, (he loved my Irish Setters Paco, Popeye and Pinecone) the scourge of animal rights insanity and the ugly approaching storm of the yet un-named horror of political correctness,” Nugent wrote in the blog post.

Nugent recalled that when he said good-bye to Fred a few days later he wasn’t sure if he would ever see his friend again. At 85 years of age, his health was failing and with his respiratory condition the prognosis was not encouraging.

From that day on Nugent thought of his friend constantly. They talked a few times in the ensuing months, but by April, the end was near.

The rock legend has vowed to do everything in his power to keep Fred Bear’s name alive. He works to do so through his various sports publications writings, the powerful Fred Bear song, and his 29 years of running Ted Nugent Kamp for Kids 501C3 nonprofit charity. “I am confident that the name Fred Bear will never die,” Nugent exclaims.

“So as we grab our bows and arrows these phenomenal bowhunting months of September, October, November and December and beyond, pause and take a quiet moment to gaze up into the heavens and know for sure that our trails were created in great part by this amazing man, Fred Bear. In the wind, he’s still alive.”