‘That ’70s Show’ Spinoff Starring Red and Kitty Foreman Actors Coming to Netflix

by Courtney Blackann

Fans of “That 70s Show” can get excited right about now – Netflix has just given the go-ahead word that a spinoff will soon air on the network. “That 90s Show” will take the reigns from the former sitcom. However, the show will still have a few familiar faces. We’re sure it’s going to be just as pointedly comedic as the first installment.

While the hilarious antics of the 70s teens – led by Eric Forman (Topher Grace) – touched on everything from insecurities, sex, drugs and questionable shenanigans, the new show will bring these same issues into the grunge period, according to Deadline. So who will be there to lead the charge and make sure the teens rightly know when they’re being a “dumbass?” You got it. Kurtwood Smith will reprise the role of Red Forman, along with everyone’s favorite mom, Kitty (Debra Jo Rupp).

The Carsey-Werner production will be set in Wisconsin, just like “That 70s Show.” However, the narrative will instead follow Eric and Donna’s daughter, Leia Forman, as she stays with Red and Kitty for the summer. While no other original cast members have signed on for the show, producers said they did expect some special guest appearances by the original rowdy crew.

When “That 70s Show” aired in 1998, it brought with it a smart cast, dry wit and lots of personality. The mix of characters led to successful acting careers for several of the members, including Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis. However, it was Debra Jo Rupp and Kurtwood Smith who gave the sitcom some weight – often stealing scenes and giving 70s-era young adults major deja-vu.

Surely, the sweet, sometimes passive-aggressive Kitty will perfectly juxtapose the no-nonsense Red in the sequel. “That 90s Show” comes after a failed attempt with a former follow-up entitled “That 80s Show.” This starred “It’s Always Sunny’s” Glenn Howerton, but had no other similarities to the previous show. It lasted mere months.

Producers of the new installment believe the chemistry between Smith and Rupp will elevate “That 90s Show” to quick success.

The network signed the show for 10 episodes.

Former “That 70s Show” Cast Member Shares Experience on Set

While “That 70s Show” developed tons of lovable and hilarious characters, perhaps one of the most memorable was that of Fez (the foreigner) played poignantly by Wilmer Valderrama.

Though he now takes on a more serious role in “NCIS,” Valderrama explains how fun and new acting was to everyone on the show.

“[Fez] was a blast. I mean, you know I always joke around. The cast and I have these little dinners that we do sometimes. And sometimes we remember on those days going to work and going out there, laughing all day long, and pretending to be actors,” Valderrama said. “You know, and then going home and being like, ‘I think we just made some money. I think they called it art or something,’ you know. But we had a lot of fun.”